Nova Scotia Mineral Occurrence Database | Last Updated 7 Apr 2016

This data set is the ArcInfo version of the Nova Scotia Mineral Occurrence Database. The data set was compiled by the Mineral Resources Branch (MRB) of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (NSDNR). This digital product was developed from the databases contained in Digital Product DP ME 1b. DP ME 2 contains a series of attribute tables that contain information about the various mineral occurrences present in the province of Nova Scotia. It includes information such as: types of alteration, sample analyses information, mineral commodities, coordinates, element and mineral type, mode of mineralization, NTS mapsheet information, element sampling information, stratigraphic units, types of surveys carried out and work done on the occurrence.

Tags: geologic and geophysical, geoscientific information, metallic minerals, industrial minerals, regional geology, mineral occurrences, mineral inventory, mineral occurrence database