City University of New York (CUNY) Programs: Beginning Fall 2008 | Last Updated 13 Apr 2023

CUNY academic programs catalog by campus, beginning Fall 2008.

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IRP CODEirp_codetext5 character code assigned by the NYSED when the academic program is registered.
COLLEGEcollegetextThe college name for grouping all programs offered by a college.
PROGRAM NAMEprogram_nametextThe name of the program at that award level.
AWARD NAMEaward_nametextIndicates this award’s relationship to other awards within the academic program (dual/joint programs are split between the participating colleges).
AWARD NUMBERaward_numbertextA sequence number assigned to the award within the program. Programs with only one award will have only 1, programs with multiple awards will have additional values.
DATE FIRST REGISTEREDdate_first_registeredcalendar_dateThe date the program was first registered with the NYSED.
DATE CLOSEDdate_closedcalendar_dateThe date the program was formally terminated.
TAP ELIGIBLEtap_eligibletextWhether students enrolled in the program are eligible to receive TAP.
APTS ELIGIBLEapts_eligibletextWhether students enrolled in the program are eligible to receive APTS.
VVTA ELIGIBLEvvta_eligibletextWhether students enrolled in the program are eligible to receive VVTA.
CIP 2020 CODEcip_2020_codetextThe 7‐character (with decimal) CIP code assigned to this program/award combination.
CIP 2020 TITLE SHORTcip_2020_title_shorttextThe short title/description assigned to the CIP code.
RECORD TYPErecord_typetextEither enrollment or graduation.
PERIODperiodtextThe semester or academic year the record reflects.
COUNTcountnumberThe count of students.