City University of New York (CUNY) Programs: Beginning Fall 2008 | Last Updated 7 Aug 2018

CUNY academic programs catalog by campus, beginning Fall 2008.

Tags: cuny, programs

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
IRP CODEirp_codetext
PROGRAM NAMEprogram_nametext
AWARD NAMEaward_nametext
AWARD NUMBERaward_numbertext
DATE FIRST REGISTEREDdate_first_registeredcalendar_date
DATE CLOSEDdate_closedcalendar_date
TAP ELIGIBLEtap_eligibletext
APTS ELIGIBLEapts_eligibletext
VVTA ELIGIBLEvvta_eligibletext
CIP 2010 CODEcip_2010_codetext
CIP 2010 TITLE SHORTcip_2010_title_shorttext
RECORD TYPErecord_typetext