Incarcerated Individuals Under Custody: Beginning 2008 | Last Updated 21 Jun 2023

Represents incarcerated individuals under custody in NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision as of March 31 of the snapshot year. Includes data about admission type, county, gender, age, race/ethnicity, crime, and facility.

Tags: admission type, county, incarcerated individuals, gender, age, crime, correctional facility

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Snapshot Yearsnapshot_yearnumberYear represented by the snapshot population. Data represents inmates under custody on March 31, the end of the Fiscal Year.
Latest Admission Typelatest_admission_typetextType of Admission to NYSDOCCS New Court Commitment = new admission to prison on current offense Returned Parole Violator (RPV) = return to prison for technical violation of parole conditions Other = This category represents returns to prison for something other than a new court commitment or a parole violation. It is comprised primarily of returns from other agencies and returns from court ordered discharge.
County of Indictmentcounty_of_indictmenttextCounty of indictment associated with the most serious conviction offense
GendergendertextIncarcerated individual gender
Most Serious Crimemost_serious_crimetextMost serious conviction offense of incarcerated individual, as defined by offense with the longest maximum sentence Refer to DOCCS Crime List for more detailed crime descriptions and associated legal authority.
Current Agecurrent_agenumberIncarcerated individual age as of the file date
Housing Facilityhousing_facilitytextFacility in which incarcerated individual was housed as of the file date
Facility Security Levelfacility_security_leveltextSecurity Level associated with incarcerated individual housing facility as of the file date
Race/Ethnicityrace_ethnicitytextRace/Ethnicity as reported by the incarcerated individual, adjusted for country of birth and parental country of birth to determine Hispanic ethnicity. Incarcerated individuals with Hispanic ethnicity will be reported as Hispanic, regardless of reported race. This data element is provided for the snapshot of the population as of March 31 (Beginning 2018).