Current Employment Statistics: Beginning 1990 | Last Updated 8 Mar 2024

Current Employment by Industry (CES) data reflect jobs by "place of work." It does not include the self-employed, unpaid family workers, and private household employees. Jobs located in the county or the metropolitan area that pay wages and salaries are counted although workers may live outside the area. Jobs are counted regardless of the number of hours worked. Individuals who hold more than one job (i.e. multiple job holders) may be counted more than once. The employment figure is an estimate of the number of jobs in the area (regardless of the place of residence of the workers) rather than a count of jobs held by the residents of the area.

Tags: employment by industry, employment, nonfarm employment, payroll employment

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
AreaareatextGeographic Area Code
Area Namearea_nametextGeographic Area Name
SeriesseriestextCode identifying the specific series
TitletitletextIndustry Name
YearyearnumberYear of Data. Beginning 1990.
MonthmonthnumberMonth of Data
Current Employmentcurrent_employmentnumberNumber of Jobs