Salary Information for Industrial Development Agencies | Last Updated 20 Oct 2020

Public authorities are required by Section 2800 of Public Authorities Law to submit annual reports to the Authorities Budget Office that include salary and compensation data. The dataset consists salary data by employee reported by Industrial Development Agencies beginning with fiscal years ending in 2011.

Tags: public authority, industrial development agency, personnel, employee, salaries/payroll

This dataset has the following 20 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Authority Nameauthority_nametextName of the Public Authority
Fiscal Year End Datefiscal_year_end_datecalendar_dateDate of Fiscal Year end for the authority
Has Employeeshas_employeestextN indicates that the authority reported having no staff. All the remaining fields are blank when authorities report having no staff. This field is blank when the authority reported having staff.
Last Namelast_nametextLast name of the employee
Middle Initialmiddle_initialtextMiddle initial of the employee
First Namefirst_nametextFirst name of the employee
TitletitletextTitle of the employee
GroupgrouptextIndicates whether the employee’s position is either operational, administrative and clerical, technical and engineering, professional, managerial, or executive.
DepartmentdepartmenttextDepartment (if any) that the employee works in. This field is blank if the authority didn’t enter any information.
Pay Typepay_typetextFull time (FT) or part time (PT)
Exempt Indicatorexempt_indicatortextY/N field to indicate whether the employee is exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
Base Annualized Salarybase_annualized_salarynumberThe annual base salary associated with a particular job title or position For hourly or part-time staff, annualized salary would be the actual wages paid to the individual for the reporting period.
Actual Salary Paidactual_salary_paidnumberThe actual salary or wages paid to the individual for the reporting period. This amount could be less than the annualized salary if the individual was employed in the position for less than the full year.
Overtime Paidovertime_paidnumberExtra cash payments to the individual for hours worked in excess of normal work week hours, as authorized by the authority’s policies, an employment contract or a collective bargaining agreement. Overtime would include holiday pay.
Performance Bonusperformance_bonusnumberA cash payment to the individual that does not become part of the base annualized salary. This payment must be linked to the individual meeting clearly defined and measurable performance goals established and approved by the Board of Directors prior to the start of the fiscal year, or detailed in a performance contract approved by the Board. These performance goals should reflect accomplishments that exceed the expected job standards of the position. The amount of the bonus payment should be calculated based on a formula defined in the authority’s performance bonus policy. A performance bonus would include a bonus earned in a prior year but deferred until the reporting year, provided that the payment is consistent with the policy governing other bonuses.
Extra Payextra_paynumberPayments made to the individual for unused accrued vacation or personal time, commissions, longevity, as incentives for such purposes as excellent attendance or maintaining proper standing with professional licensure requirements; cash payments to the individual in lieu of an authority’s contribution to the individual’s pension fund or health insurance coverage; or other financial awards to the individual not based on performance goals. The terms and type of extra pay to be awarded to an individual should be defined in collectively bargained or employment contracts.
Other Compensationother_compensationnumberAllowances, reimbursement for authorized expenses, or all other forms of taxable income not included in one of the above categories. This could include adjustments to previously paid compensation to correct payment errors.
Total Compensationtotal_compensationnumberTotal payments made to the individual during the year including any overtime, bonus, extra, or other compensation amounts. This field is the sum of the Actual Salary Paid, Overtime Paid, Performance Bonus, Extra Pay and Other Compensation fields.
Paid By Another Entitypaid_by_another_entitytextY/N field that indicates whether the individual is paid by another entity to perform the work of the Authority.
Paid by State or Local Governmentpaid_by_state_or_local_governmenttext‘Y’ indicates that the individual was paid by a State or local government to perform the work of the Authority, and is blank otherwise. This field is completed only when the Paid by Another Entity field is ‘Y’.