Energy Prices Per Physical Unit By Sector: Beginning 1970 | Last Updated 3 Feb 2020

New York Energy Prices presents retail energy price data. Energy prices are provided by fuel type in nominal dollars per specified physical unit for the residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors. This section includes a column in the price table displaying gross domestic product (GDP) price deflators for converting nominal (current year) dollars to constant (real) dollars. To convert nominal to constant dollars, divide the nominal energy price by the GDP price deflator for that particular year. Historical petroleum, electricity, coal, and natural gas prices were compiled primarily from the Energy Information Administration. How does your organization use this dataset? What other NYSERDA or energy-related datasets would you like to see on Open NY? Let us know by emailing

Tags: energy prices, prices by sector, nominal prices, real prices

This dataset has the following 13 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
GDP Deflatorgdp_deflatornumber
Coal ($/Ton)coal_tonnumber
Distillate (cents/gallon)distillate_cents_gallonnumber
Residual ($/barrel)residual_barrelnumber
Kerosene (cents/gallon)kerosene_cents_gallonnumber
Propane (cents/gallon)propane_cents_gallonnumber
Natural Gas ($/Mcf)natural_gas_mcfnumber
Electricity (cents/kWh)electricity_cents_kwhnumber
Wood ($/Cord)wood_cordnumber
Motor Gasoline (cents/gallon)motor_gasoline_cents_gallonnumber
Jet Fuel (cents/gallon)jet_fuel_cents_gallonnumber