Lottery Daily Numbers/Win-4 Winning Numbers: Beginning 1980 | Last Updated 28 Sep 2021

Go to or on the New York Lottery website for past Daily Numbers/Win-4 results and payouts.

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This dataset has the following 13 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Draw Datedraw_datecalendar_dateDraw date
Midday Daily #midday_dailytextMidday Daily Numbers
Midday Daily Summidday_daily_sumnumberWinning Midday Daily Lucky Sum
Evening Daily #evening_dailytextEvening Daily Numbers
Evening Daily Sumevening_daily_sumnumberEvening Daily Lucky Sum
Midday Win 4 #midday_win_4textMidday Win 4 Numbers
Midday Win 4 Summidday_win_4_sumnumberMidday Win 4 Lucky Sum
Evening Win 4 #evening_win_4textEvening Win 4 Numbers
Evening Win 4 Sumevening_win_4_sumnumberEvening Win 4 Lucky Sum
Midday Daily Boostermidday_daily_boostertextBooster percentage for Midday Daily number
Evening Daily Boosterevening_daily_boostertextBooster percentage for Evening Daily number
Midday Win 4 Boostermidday_win_4_boostertextBooster percentage for Midday Win4 number
Evening Win 4 Boosterevening_win_4_boostertextBooster percentage for Evening Win4 number