Real Property Tax Credit (Circuit Breaker) State Summary - Table 1 | Last Updated 10 Jun 2019

The Department of Taxation and Finance annually publishes statistical information on the New York State real property tax credit (RPTC). Summary data are presented for taxpayers who were full-year New York state residents. Taxpayers may claim the credit even if they had no New York State personal income tax liability and, therefore, were not required to file an income tax return. Data are shown for the total number of claimants and credit claimed by county, age under and over 65, type of residence, filing category, and household gross income.

Tags: real property, circuit breaker, county, tax credit

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Tax Yeartax_yearnumberTax Year
Credit Typecredit_typetextType of Credit. NYS RPTC - New York State Real Property Tax Credit (began in 1992).
ItemitemtextCategorization of credit
Number of Creditsnumber_of_creditsnumberCount of the number of credit claims
Amount of Credits ($000)amount_of_credits_000numberAmount of credit claimed, in thousands of dollars
Average Creditaverage_creditnumberAverage credit
Item Sort Orderitem_sort_ordernumberSort order on Item
Age Sort Orderage_sort_ordernumberSort order on Age
Houshold Gross Income Sort Orderhoushold_gross_income_sort_ordernumberSort order on Household Gross Income