Registered Public Corporations Disclosures: Four Biennial Period Window | Last Updated 10 Jun 2019

Data provided by Public Corporation in their Biennial Registration and Bi-monthly filings submitted to NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Tags: public corporations, disclosures, integrity

This dataset has the following 23 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
Reporting Yearreporting_yeartextFiling Year
Reporting Periodreporting_periodtextJanuary - February (JF), March-April (MA), May - June (MJ), July- August (JA), September - October (SA), November - December (ND)
NamenametextName of Registered Public Corporation
PC Business Naturepc_business_naturetextPublic Corporation Business Nature
Lobbying Typelobbying_typetextProcurement = (P), Non-Procurement = (N), Both =(B)
Government Levelgovernment_leveltextState = (S), Local = (L), Both = (B)
Address 1address_1textPublic Corporation Address 1
Address 2address_2textPublic Corporation Address 2
CitycitytextPublic Corporation City
StatestatetextPublic Corporation State
ZipziptextPublic Corporation Zip
PhonephonetextPublic Corporation Phone
PR Responsible Person First Namepr_responsible_person_first_nametextFirst name of person listed on the profile responsible for filing the Public Corporation Registration and Bimonthly Reports.
PR Responsible Person Last Namepr_responsible_person_last_nametextLast name of person listed on the profile responsible for filing the Public Corporation Registration and Bimonthly Reports.
Total Expensestotal_expensesnumberSummary of Expenses Reported for the period
Total Compensationtotal_compensationnumberSummary of Compensation Reported for the period
Lobbyist Subjectslobbyist_subjectstextSubjects lobbied
PersonpersontextPerson, State Agency, Municipality, or Legislative Body lobbied.
Bill Detailsbill_detailstextBill, Rule, Regulation, Rate Number or brief description relative to the introduction or intended introduction of legislation or a resolution lobbied
Procurement Numbersprocurement_numberstextTitle and Identifying # of procurement contracts and documents lobbied.
Procurement Subjectsprocurement_subjectstextSubject Matter of and Tribes involved in tribal-state compacts, etc. lobbied.
Procurement Detailsprocurement_detailstextNumber or Subject Matter of Executive Order of Governor/Municipality lobbied.
In House Lobbyistin_house_lobbyisttextList all employed or designated individuals who lobbied.