Jail Population By County: Beginning 1997

data.ny.gov | Last Updated 3 Feb 2022

This file details average daily census figures based on daily counts submitted by each jail to the State Commission of Correction. New York City jail population figures have been reported to the state since 2016, while data for the Non-New York City region and each county outside of the five boroughs are shown annually from 1997 onward. Data are presented in the following categories: Census, Boarded Out, Boarded In, In House, Sentenced, Civil, Federal, Technical Parole Violators, State Readies and Other Unsentenced.

Tags: jail population, jail census

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Facility Name (ORI)facility_nametextThe name of the local correctional facility where the individual is housed.
YearyearnumberYear that the average daily jail census was reported.
Censuscensus_2numberThe average daily number of individuals for which the facility is responsible, whether they are housed at the jail (In House) or another facility (Boarded Out).
Boarded Outboarded_outnumberThe average daily number of individuals under a facility’s jurisdiction that are boarded out to another county's correctional facility. These individuals are not reflected in the In-House Census.
Boarded Inboarded_innumberThe average daily census of individuals from other jurisdictions housed at the facility, except those in federal custody. These individuals are not included in a facility’s average daily census.
in-House CensuscensusnumberHoused at County Facility. The average daily census of individuals that the county is responsible for housing. Each facility’s In-House population is further categorized by the status of individuals physically housed there: Sentenced, Civil, Federal, Technical Parole Violators, State-Readies, and Other Unsentenced.
SentencedsentencednumberHoused at County Facility. Individuals who have been convicted and sentenced to a jail term and are physically located in the facility at the time of the count.
CivilcivilnumberHoused at County Facility. Individuals incarcerated as a result of a civil process, Family Court proceeding, Contempt or Material Witness status.
FederalfederalnumberHoused at County Facility. Individuals incarcerated who are custody of a U.S. Government Agency.
Technical Parole Violatorstechnical_parole_violatorsnumberHoused at County Facility. Individuals held on a warrant issued as result of a violation of a condition of parole.
State Readiesstate_readiesnumberHoused at County Facility. Individuals sentenced by the court to a state prison term but not yet transferred to the custody of the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.
Other Unsentencedother_unsentencednumberHoused at County Facility. Individuals who are awaiting arraignment, trial or sentencing by the court or who have violated conditions of parole because they have been re-arrested for a new crime.