Parolees Under Community Supervision: Beginning 2008 | Last Updated 27 Apr 2021

Provides data about parolees under community supervision on March 31 of the snapshot year. Information includes region of supervision, county of residence, snapshot year, supervision level, gender, age, and race/ethnicity as of the file date, and crime type for most serious instant offense.

Tags: parolees, community supervision

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Snapshot Yearsnapshot_yearnumberYear represented by the snapshot population. Data represents parolees under supervision on March 31, the end of the Fiscal Year.
Region of SupervisionregiontextRegion of Supervision
County of ResidencecountytextCounty of residence
Supervision Levelsupervision_leveltextCOMPAS supervision level: Level 1 (25:1); Level 2 (40:1); Level 3 (80:1); Level 4 (160:1) (Parolee: Parole Officer) caseload ratio. This data element is provided on datasets for 2013 forward since 2012-13 was the first full fiscal year that this model of supervision was utilized.
GendergendertextParolee gender
AgeagenumberAge of parolee at the time of the file.
CrimecrimetextCrime type for most serious crime. A-1 Violent offenses include Murder, Attempted Murder 1st, Arson 1st and Kidnapping 1st. Legislative VFOs include legislatively designated violent felony offenses. Other Coercive offenses include Manslaughter 2nd, Other Homicide, Robbery 3rd, Attempted Sexual Assault 2nd, other sex offensives and other coercive crimes. Drug Offenses include sale and possession. Major Property includes Burglary 3rd, Grand Larceny, Forgery, and Stolen Property. Other Felony includes DWI, Non-Violent Weapons offenses, and all other felonies. SIST reflects parolees who are under Strict and Intensive Supervision and Treatment after being adjudicated under Article 10 of the Mental Hygiene Law, but are not serving criminal sentence with DOCCS. Blank data indicates that we do not have information regarding the offender’s specific offense.
Race/Ethnicityrace_ethnicitytextRace/Ethnicity as reported by the offender and adjusted for country of birth and parental country of birth to determine Hispanic ethnicity. Inmates with Hispanic ethnicity will be reported as Hispanic, regardless of reported race. This data element is provided for the snapshot of the population as of March 31 (Beginning 2018).