START-UP NY Tax-Free Area Locations | Last Updated 10 Jun 2019

Empire State Development (ESD) produces an annual report with a cumulative list of College and University Sponsors approved in the START-UP NY Program. The dataset displays the name of the Sponsor, the street address, city and county of the tax-free areas (TFA) designated by that college or university, square footage of each building space and acreage of each parcel of vacant land, the name of buildings designated and the START-UPNY website of the college.

Tags: start-upny, tfa, tax-free area

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
SponsorsponsortextName of College or University sponsoring the tax-free area.
Street AddressstreetaddresstextStreet address of the designated tax-free area.
CitycitytextCity in which the designated tax free area is located.
CountycountytextCounty in which the designated tax-free area is located.
AcresacresnumberAmount of acres of land designated as a tax-free area.
BuildingbuildingtextThe name of the building (if applicable) associated with the designated building space. Blank if tax-free area is acreage or if not specified on the application.
Square FootagesqftnumberSquare footage of the designated building space in the tax-free area. Blank if tax-free area is acreage.