Scholarship Recipients And Dollars By College Code: Beginning 2009 | Last Updated 10 Jun 2019

This data includes the number of Scholarship award recipients and dollar amounts by TAP college code beginning academic year 2009 (for HESC-administered scholarships only)

Tags: scholarship, postsecondary schools, education

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Academic Yearacademic_yearnumberAcademic Year is from July 1 through June 30.
TAP College Codetap_college_codenumberCollege Code used by the Tuition Assistance Program
Federal School Codefederal_school_codenumberInstitution code used by the US Department of Education. Note that there is not always a 1-for-1 correspondence between TAP Code and Federal Code. In some situations, there may be more than one TAP Code for a single Federal School Code. A typical example would be separate TAP Codes for undergraduate and graduate levels of study at the same Federal School Code institution.
TAP College Nametap_college_nametextName of Institution used by the Tuition Assistance Program
TAP Sector Grouptap_sector_grouptextSector Group of Institution: 1-CUNY SR = CUNY Senior Colleges 2-CUNY CC = CUNY Community Colleges 3-SUNY SO = SUNY State Operated 4-SUNY CC = SUNY Community Colleges 5-INDEPENDENT = Independent Colleges 6-BUS. DEGREE = Business Degree Granting Institutions 7-BUS. NON-DEG = Non-Degree Business Schools 8-OTHER = All Other Institutions 9-CHAPTER XXII = Chapter XXII TAP Schools VOCATIONAL – VET SCHOOLS ONLY = Vocational schools approved for Veteran Tuition Award only
Scholarship Headcountscholarship_headcountnumberNumber of recipients as measured by students receiving at least one term award during the academic year.
Scholarship FTEscholarship_ftenumberNumber of recipients as measured by academic year Full-Time Equivalents: Full Time Equivalent is a unit that indicates the enrollment of a student in credit-bearing courses in a way that makes it comparable across contexts. An FTE of 1.0 means that the person is equivalent to 1 full-time student, while an FTE of 0.5 signals that a student is enrolled half-time.
Scholarship Dollarsscholarship_dollarsnumber