State Of The Cities 2017 | Last Updated 15 Feb 2019

This is the survey responses for the 2017 State of the Cities Report. This data has been coded based on survey response choices. Please consult the attached copy of the survey for more information.

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This dataset has the following 72 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Q2 - Please describe any programs or services that have been instituted or chang…q2_please_describe_any_programs_or_services_that_have_been_instituted_or_changtext
Q3 - Overall, would you say that your city is better or less able to meet its fi...q3_overall_would_you_say_that_your_city_is_better_or_less_able_to_meet_its_finumber
Q4 - Overall, do you anticipate your city being better or less able to address i...q4_overall_do_you_anticipate_your_city_being_better_or_less_able_to_address_inumber
Q5_1 - Fees/charges/licensesq5_1_fees_charges_licensesnumber
Q5_2 - Overall service levelsq5_2_overall_service_levelsnumber
Q5_3 - Number of city FTEsq5_3_number_of_city_ftesnumber
Q5_4 - Actual infrastructure spendingq5_4_actual_infrastructure_spendingnumber
Q5_5 - Public safety spendingq5_5_public_safety_spendingnumber
Q5_6 - Total operating spendingq5_6_total_operating_spendingnumber
Q5_7 - Employee wagesq5_7_employee_wagesnumber
Q5_8 - Use of furloughsq5_8_use_of_furloughsnumber
Q5_9 - Employee contribution to health insuranceq5_9_employee_contribution_to_health_insurancenumber
Q5_10 - Hiring freezesq5_10_hiring_freezesnumber
Q6 - In FY2015-16, how did your city's ending general fund balance change as com...q6_in_fy2015_16_how_did_your_city_s_ending_general_fund_balance_change_as_comnumber
Q7 - Did your city institute any new sources of revenue that will take effect in...q7_did_your_city_institute_any_new_sources_of_revenue_that_will_take_effect_innumber
Q8 - Please describe what new sources of revenue will take effect in FY2017-18.q8_please_describe_what_new_sources_of_revenue_will_take_effect_in_fy2017_18text
Q9 - Do you expect future revenues to:q9_do_you_expect_future_revenues_tonumber
Q10 - Do you expect future property tax revenues to:q10_do_you_expect_future_property_tax_revenues_tonumber
Q11 - Do you anticipate your current total general fund revenue sources will:q11_do_you_anticipate_your_current_total_general_fund_revenue_sources_willnumber
Q12 - Has your city seen an increase, decrease, or no change in city service dema...q12_has_your_city_seen_an_increase_decrease_or_no_change_in_city_service_demanumber
Q13 - Do you expect future city service demand to:q13_do_you_expect_future_city_service_demand_tonumber
Q14 - Over the last several years cities have taken a wide range of budget-balanc...q14_over_the_last_several_years_cities_have_taken_a_wide_range_of_budget_balanctext
Q15_1 - City Hallq15_1_city_hallnumber
Q15_2 - Librariesq15_2_librariesnumber
Q15_3 - Senior servicesq15_3_senior_servicesnumber
Q15_4 - Planning/permittingq15_4_planning_permittingnumber
Q15_5 - Public events/arts/etc.q15_5_public_events_arts_etcnumber
Q15_6 - Police servicesq15_6_police_servicesnumber
Q15_7 - Fire servicesq15_7_fire_servicesnumber
Q15_8 - Social servicesq15_8_social_servicesnumber
Q15_9 - Transit/transportation servicesq15_9_transit_transportation_servicesnumber
Q15_10 - Recreational facilities and/or activitiesq15_10_recreational_facilities_and_or_activitiesnumber
Q15_11 - Parks/green spaces/natural areasq15_11_parks_green_spaces_natural_areasnumber
Q16 - Please feel free to provide us with additional information on the cuts your...q16_please_feel_free_to_provide_us_with_additional_information_on_the_cuts_yourtext
Q17 - Is your city deferring maintenance in any of the following areas: (check al...q17_is_your_city_deferring_maintenance_in_any_of_the_following_areas_check_altext
Q17_3_TEXT - Other (fleets, buildings, etc.)q17_3_text_other_fleets_buildings_etctext
Q18 - What are some of the most significant fiscal and operational challenges fac...q18_what_are_some_of_the_most_significant_fiscal_and_operational_challenges_factext
Q21 - Do elected officials receive any form of compensation or benefit for servin...q21_do_elected_officials_receive_any_form_of_compensation_or_benefit_for_servinnumber
Q22_1 - Mayorq22_1_mayortext
Q22_2 - Councilorq22_2_councilortext
Q22_3 - Other (Please Specify)q22_3_other_please_specifytext
Q22_3_TEXT - Other (Please Specify)q22_3_text_other_please_specifytext
Q23 - Please describe the "Stipend/Salary" compensation your city offers to elect...q23_please_describe_the_stipend_salary_compensation_your_city_offers_to_electtext
Q24 - Please describe the "Reimbursement" compensation your city offers to electe...q24_please_describe_the_reimbursement_compensation_your_city_offers_to_electetext
Q25 - Please describe the "other" compensation and benefits your city offers to e...q25_please_describe_the_other_compensation_and_benefits_your_city_offers_to_etext
Q27_1 - PERS Contributionsq27_1_pers_contributionsnumber
Q27_2 - Employee Healthcareq27_2_employee_healthcarenumber
Q27_13 - Wage/Salary Costsq27_13_wage_salary_costsnumber
Q27_3 - Marijuana Legalizationq27_3_marijuana_legalizationnumber
Q27_8 - Law Enforcementq27_8_law_enforcementnumber
Q27_9 - Fire/Ambulance Serviceq27_9_fire_ambulance_servicenumber
Q27_10 - Infrastructure Maintenance/Repairq27_10_infrastructure_maintenance_repairnumber
Q27_6 - Debt Serviceq27_6_debt_servicenumber
Q27_7 - Other (Please Specify)q27_7_other_please_specifynumber
Q27_7_TEXT - Other (Please Specify)q27_7_text_other_please_specifytext
Q28 - As a result of increasing PERS rates, do you foresee (mark all that apply):q28_as_a_result_of_increasing_pers_rates_do_you_foresee_mark_all_that_applytext
Q28_6_TEXT - Other (Please Describe)q28_6_text_other_please_describetext
Q29 - On average, what percentage of employee healthcare benefits does the city p...q29_on_average_what_percentage_of_employee_healthcare_benefits_does_the_city_pnumber
Q30 - Does your city anticipate any added costs associated with the legalization...q30_does_your_city_anticipate_any_added_costs_associated_with_the_legalizationnumber
Q31 - Please Describeq31_please_describetext
Q33 - The League is currently discussing ways to better improve response rates on...q33_the_league_is_currently_discussing_ways_to_better_improve_response_rates_onnumber
Q34 - What was your reason for the above selectionq34_what_was_your_reason_for_the_above_selectiontext
Q35 - Does your city use LOC-Data?q35_does_your_city_use_loc_datanumber
Q36 - Please indicate the groups in your city that use LOC-Data (Check all that a...q36_please_indicate_the_groups_in_your_city_that_use_loc_data_check_all_that_atext
Q36_4_TEXT - Other (Please Specify)q36_4_text_other_please_specifytext
Q37 - Please describe how LOC-Data is used in your city:q37_please_describe_how_loc_data_is_used_in_your_citytext
Q38 - Do you have any additional comments?q38_do_you_have_any_additional_commentstext