Crab biotoxin status table | Last Updated 17 Jul 2018

Sampling dates and biotoxin test results by zone.

Tags: crab, biotoxin, testing, results

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Status datedatecalendar_date
50-Aatext​OR/WA border to Cape Falcon
50-Bbtext​Cape Falcon to Cape Lookout
50-CctextCape Lookout to Cascade Head
50-Ddtext​Cascade Head to Cape Foulweather
50-Eetext​Cape Foulweather to Yachats
50-Fftext​Yachats to Heceta Head
50-Ggtext​Heceta Head to Tahkenitch Creek
50-Hhtext​Tahkenitch Creek to North Bend
50-Iitext​North Bend to Bandon
50-Jjtext​Bandon to Cape Blanco
50-KktextCape Blanco to Gold Beach
50-Lltext​Gold Beach to OR/CA border
Status date.status_datecalendar_date