Oregon Active Workers’ Compensation Employer Database

data.oregon.gov | Last Updated 5 Aug 2019

The Employer Database System is a database of all Oregon employers and their history of workers’ compensation (WC) insurance coverage. The system produces a snapshot of current employers with active workers’ compensation insurance policies. The most current data are updated monthly during the first week of the month.

Tags: workers compensation, employer database, active workers compensation, oregon

This dataset has the following 30 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Employer Numberemployer_numtext
Insurer Statusinsurer_statusnumber
Insurer Status Dateinsurer_status_datecalendar_date
Legal Business Namelegal_business_nametext
DBA Namedba_nametext
Employees Rangeemployees_rangetext
PPB Address 1ppb_address1text
PPB Address 2ppb_address2text
PPB Cityppb_citytext
PPB Stateppb_statetext
PPB Zip 4ppb_zip_4text
County Codecounty_codenumber
Business Typebusiness_typetext
Insurer Numinsurer_numnumber
Insurer Nameinsurer_nametext
Liability Begin Dateliab_begin_datecalendar_date
Liability End Dateliad_end_datecalendar_date
Entity Codeentity_codetext
Phone Areaphone_areanumber
Mail Address 1mail_address1text
Mail Address 2mail_address2text
Mail Citymail_citytext
Mail Statemail_statetext
Mail Zipmail_ziptext
Mail Zip 4mail_zip_4text
Record Originrecord_origintext