Summary of Expired Contracts - As of December 31, 2011 | Last Updated 15 Sep 2014

The following data is provided as an extract from the Statewide Procurement System (Oregon Procurement Information Network - ORPIN). It is a complete list of contracts that expired on or before December 31, 2011 and represents the full extent of electronic records of expired contracts that are tracked within ORPIN. The contract values reflected in the report are estimates only. Note: A number of contracts may indicate an “Amendment Date” that may exceed the “Expiration Date”. In these instances, the “Amendment Date” reflects an automated system time/date stamp that the system appends to the contract when the electronic version was accessed or modified, not necessarily when the legal instrument (the contract itself) was modified. Note: This report may not include contract information for the Oregon Judicial Department, Oregon State Lottery, Oregon University System, Oregon State Treasurer, or semi-independent state agencies, boards, and commissions. Some executive branch agencies have independent contracting authority for specific goods and services (e.g., Transportation, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Human Services, Fish and Wildlife, Parks and Recreation, Aviation, Economic and Community Development, Housing, Corrections, Veterans Affairs, Military, Education, and state agencies "specifically authorized" by any law outside the Code to "enter into a contract"). Thus, the ORPIN system may not capture contract information about those activities.

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Agency Numberagency_numbertext
Agency Nameagency_nametext
Award Number w/Amendmentsaward_number_w_amendmentstext
Award Titleaward_titletext
Award Typeaward_typetext
Contractor Informationcontractor_informationtext
Street Addressstreet_addresstext
Zip Codezip_codenumber
Original Start DateAmendment Dateoriginal_start_dateamendment_datetext
Expiration Dateexpiration_datetext
Original Award Valueoriginal_award_valuenumber
Amendment Valueamendment_valuenumber
Total Award Value w/Amendmentstotal_award_value_w_amendmentsnumber