Motorboat Restrictions in Oregon | Last Updated 7 Jul 2018

Waterbodies where the use of motors are prohibited. Waterways where motor boats are not allowed are established in Oregon Administrative Rule 250 or Oregon Statute 830.

Tags: motor restrictions, motors prohibited, motor boats, speed boats, jet boats, outboard, inboard, stern drive motor boats

This dataset has the following 4 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
WaterwaywaterwaytextThe name of the waterway where the use of motors is prohibited.
*River Segment Restrictions_waterway_segmenttextAsterisk applies to a specific waterway segment (of river) enforced and defined in Oregon Administrative Rules or statute.
Prohibited Segment(s)prohibited_segmentstext
Countycounty_textThe county where the waterbody is located.