Statewide Subgroup Educational Attainment 2005 - current Annual Education | Last Updated 29 Oct 2018

Attainment data is a 3-year average estimate of the adult, working age population (age 25-64) by age group, gender, and race/ethnicity. Data is based on Public Use Microsample (PUMS) data from the American Community Survey (ACS) downloaded in a custom data set from the IPUMS USA project at the University of Minnesota and summarized for Pennsylvania. Note that the estimates in this data set represent a 3-year average and is not directly comparable to the county-level 5-year county level estimates.

Tags: education, attainment, workforce, job

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Census Yearcensus_yearcalendar_dateThe calendar year of the Census survey.
StatestatetextEstimates can be generated for all US States for comparison, this dataset is filtered to Pennsylvania and this field will therefore be constant.
Age Rangeage_rangetextThe age range of adults represented in this record.
GendergendertextThe gender of adults represented in this record.
Race/Ethnicityrace_ethnicitytextThe race/ethnicity of the adults represented in this record
Total Populationtotal_populationnumberThe total population of the record (equal to the sum of the attainment level values).
No High School Diplomano_high_school_diplomanumberThe estimated number of adults with no high school diploma.
High School Diploma Or Equivalenthigh_school_diploma_ornumberThe estimated number of adults with a high school diploma or equivalent credential.
Some College No Degreesome_college_no_degreenumberThe estimated number of adults with some college experience, but no degree.
Associate's Degreeassociate_s_degreenumberThe estimated number of adults with an associate’s degree
Bachelor's Degreebachelor_s_degreenumberThe estimated number of adults with a bachelor’s degree.
Graduate or Professional Degreegraduate_or_professionalnumberThe estimated number of adults with a graduate or professional degree.