Lottery Sales, Prizes, Commissions by County SFY 2016-2017 Revenue | Last Updated 26 Sep 2017

This dataset contains Pennsylvania Lottery summary data for total ticket sales, prizes paid and retailer commissions, by county, for the fiscal year beginning 7/1/2016 and ending 6/30/2017. This information, with the exception of sales by county, is also available on the Pennsylvania Lottery’s Official Website. More information about Sales, Profits, and Economic & Benefits Impact Reports: Pennsylvania Lottery Annual Sales & Benefit Reports. PA Department of Revenue website: (or

Tags: lottery, lotto, ticket, sales, prizes, commission, retailer, dor

This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
County NamecountytextPhysical county in Pennsylvania, as determined by retailer sites and sales location.
State Fiscal Yearfederal_fiscal_yeartextPennsylvania State Fiscal Year runs from July 1st - June 30th.
Ticket Salesticket_salesnumberNet sales of tickets in the county.
Prizes Paidprizes_paidnumberSum of all tickets actually paid in each county; the claim location is not the same as the sales location, and prizes claimed at Lottery Headquarters are sourced to Dauphin County.
Retailer Commissionsretailer_commissionsnumberActual amount of money applied to a retailer’s account based on tickets sold, this includes bonus commissions and other amounts granted by regulation.
Centoid point for Countycentoid_point_for_countylocationLatitude and Longitude. One random point within the county boundary to help with creating a boundary map within the county lines.