Municipal Data American Community Survey 2015 Community and Economic Development | Last Updated 3 Nov 2017

Data source: 2015, 5-year average, American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau. Notes: The Census Bureau does not provide data on every municipalities. Municipalities with very small populations are in some cases not reported. The median housing value and median household income for Ferguson Township, Clearfield County is an average of the median housing value and household income of former Lumber City Borough and Ferguson Township. A note of caution: A municipality can update information at any time after submission of a form. The Municipal Statistics site is built to reflect any data updates, the following day, in the Public Reports section of the Municipal Statistics site.

Tags: municipality, population, housing, income, unemployment, poverty, borough, township, city

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
DCED Code 2012dced_code_2012text
Census Codecensus_codetext
Municipality Typemunicipality_typetext
County Namecounty_nametext
Municipal Namemunicipal_nametext
Poplation, 2015poplation_2015number
% Population 65+ Years Old, 2011-2015population_65_years_old_2011_2015number
% Housing Units Vacant, 2011-2015housing_units_vacant_2011_2015number
% Homeowners (Owner-Occupied Housing Units), 2011-2015homeowners_owner_occupied_housing_units_2011_2015number
Median Housing Values, 2011-2015median_housing_values_2011_2015number
% Persons 25+ Years Old with Bachelor's Degree or Higher. 2011-2015persons_25_years_old_with_bachelor_s_degree_or_higher_2011_2015number
Median Household Income, 2011-2015median_household_income_2011_2015number
Unemployment Rate, 2011-2015unemployment_rate_2011_2015number
% Families Below Poverty Level, 2011-2015families_below_poverty_level_2011_2015number