Providence Police Case Log - Past 180 days | Last Updated 28 May 2024

Recorded state and municipal offenses from AEGIS records management system of the Providence Police. A single case can contain multiple offenses. Refer to the case number to see all offenses for a particular case. The case number can also be used to look up arrest activity for a case in the Providence Police Arrest Log. <br><b>UPDATE:</b><br> Incident location is now using block range instead of house numbers. Addresses between 1 and 99 will be 0 Block, addresses between 100 and 199 will use 100 block and so on. If you are looking for actual addresses you can use the city's <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Open Records Portal</a> to make a request. <br><br> To help maintain the anonymity of special victims and juveniles this list does not include violent sexual offenses, non-violent sexual offenses or incidents of harassment. Cases being investigated by the department's Special Victims Unit (SVU) or Youth Services Bureau (YSB) will not be published.

Tags: police, safety, crime

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Reported Datereported_datecalendar_date
Offense Descoffense_desctext
Statute Codestatute_codetext
Statute Descstatute_desctext
Reporting Officerreporting_officertext