Providence Police Department Arrests and Citations- Past 60 Days | Last Updated 17 May 2024

Adults arrested or issued citations by the Providence Police Department during the past 60 days. Arrests are custodial actions where an individual is detained and transported to the City of Providence Public Safety Complex. Citations are non-custodial actions issued at the scene of a violation. Once issued a citation, an individual is allowed to leave unless there are additional charges that require being taken into custody. This data set lists all state and municipal statute violations issued by the Providence Police. A single individual can be charged with multiple violations for a single incident. Multiple persons can also be charged in a single incident. The case number provided in the data set can be used to identify the incident and to look up the case information in the Providence Police Department - Case Log.

Tags: police, crime, arrests

This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Arrest Datearrest_datecalendar_date
Last Namelast_nametext
First Namefirst_nametext
Year of Birthyear_of_birthnumber
From Addressfrom_addresstext
From Cityfrom_citytext
From Statefrom_statetext
Statute Typestatute_typetext
Statute Codestatute_codetext
Statute Descstatute_desctext
Case Numbercase_numbertext
Arresting Officersarresting_officerstext