Privately Owned Public Open Spaces | Last Updated 4 Nov 2019

Privately-owned public open spaces (POPOS) are publicly accessible spaces in forms of plazas, terraces, atriums, small parks, and even snippets which are provided and maintained by private developers. In San Francisco, POPOS mostly appear in the Downtown office district area. Prior to 1985, developers provided POPOS under three general circumstances: voluntarily, in exchange for a density bonus, or as a condition of approval. The 1985 Downtown Plan created the first systemic requirements for developers to provide publicly accessible open space as a part of projects in C-3 Districts. The goal was to “provide in the downtown quality open space in sufficient quantity and variety to meet the needs of downtown workers, residents and visitors.” (See Planning Code Section 138 for regulations). Since then, project sponsors for residential projects may provide POPOS instead of their required open spaces in the Downtown Residential (DTR) and Eastern Neighborhoods (Section 135 of the Planning Code). Learn more at

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This dataset has the following 29 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
NAMEnametextPOPOS name
POPOS_ADDRESSpopos_addresstextPOPOS address
HOURShourstextOpening hours
TYPEtypetextType of POPOS
LANDSCAPINGlandscapingtextDescription of landscaping
SEATING_Noseating_notextNumber of seats
FOOD_SERVICEfood_servicetextFood service availability
ArtarttextArt present
RESTROOMSrestroomstextRestrooms availability
LOCATIONlocationtextDescription of the location
YEARyeartextYear opened
FoodfoodtextFood available - Y or N
SeatingseatingtextSeating available - Y or N
Seating_and_Tablesseating_and_tablestextSeating and tables available - Y or N
Hours_Typehours_typetextOpening hours by category
Subject_To_Downtown_PLNsubject_to_downtown_plntextPOPOS subject to the SF Downtown Plan
SignagesignagetextSignage present
BLOCK_NUMblock_numtextBlock number
LOT_NUMlot_numtextLot number
PARCEL_NUMparcel_numtextParcel number
RestroomrestroomcheckboxRestrooms available True/False
IndoorindoorcheckboxTrue is POPOS is indoors
Special_Amenitiesspecial_amenitiescheckboxAny special amenities present
Map IDmap_idtextMap ID - ID used in the PDF 'printable' map
the_geomthe_geompointThe location of the POPOS represented by a coordinate pair in WKT format