Registered Business Locations - San Francisco | Last Updated 25 Jun 2019

This dataset includes the locations of businesses that pay taxes to the City and County of San Francisco. Each registered business may have multiple locations and each location is a single row. The Treasurer & Tax Collector’s Office collects this data through business registration applications, account update/closure forms, and taxpayer filings. The data is collected to help enforce the Business and Tax Regulations Code including, but not limited to: Article 6, Article 12, Article 12-A, and Article 12-A-1.

Tags: business

This dataset has the following 26 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Location IdttxidtextUnique identifier that combines certificate number, business number and location number.
Business Account Numbercertificate_numbertextSeven digit number assigned to registered business accounts
Ownership Nameownership_nametextBusiness owner(s) name
DBA Namedba_nametextDoing Business As Name or Location Name
Street Addressfull_business_addresstextBusiness location street address
CitycitytextBusiness location city
StatestatetextBusiness location state
Source Zipcodebusiness_ziptextBusiness location zip code
Business Start Datedba_start_datecalendar_dateStart date of the business
Business End Datedba_end_datecalendar_dateEnd date of the business
Location Start Datelocation_start_datecalendar_dateStart date at the location
Location End Datelocation_end_datecalendar_dateEnd date at the location, if closed
Mail Addressmailing_address_1textAddress for mailing
Mail Citymail_citytextMailing address city
Mail Zipcodemail_zipcodetext
Mail Statemail_statetextMailing address state
NAICS Codenaic_codetextThe North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a standard used by Federal statistical agencies for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy. A subset of these are options on the business registration form used in the administration of the City and County's tax code. The registrant indicates the business activity on the City and County's tax registration forms. See NAICS Codes tab in the attached data dictionary under About > Attachments.
NAICS Code Descriptionnaic_code_descriptiontextThe Business Activity that the NAICS code maps on to (multiple if there are multiple codes indicated for the business).
Parking Taxparking_taxcheckboxWhether or not this business pays the parking tax
Transient Occupancy Taxtransient_occupancy_taxcheckboxWhether or not this business pays the transient occupancy tax
LIC CodelictextThe LIC code of the business, if multiple, separated by spaces
LIC Code Descriptionlic_code_descriptiontextThe LIC code description ("multiple" if there are multiple codes for a business)
Supervisor Districtsupervisor_districttextThe Supervisor District in which the business location falls. Not applicable outside of San Francisco. Boundary reference:
Neighborhoods - Analysis Boundariesneighborhoods_analysis_boundariestextThe Analysis Neighborhood in which the business location falls. Not applicable outside of San Francisco. Boundary reference:
Business Corridorbusiness_corridortextThe Business Corridor in which the the business location falls, if it is in one. Not all business locations are in a corridor. Boundary reference:
Business LocationlocationlocationThe latitude and longitude of the business location for mapping purposes.