Map of Schools | Last Updated 28 Aug 2016

Consolidated Infant, Pre-K, and K-14 education points for facilities both public and private. Point features are intended to be located within a building footprint relevant to each site, so that they can be used to select an appropriate building footprint or parcel as seed for any required buffering. Buffering may be applied when limiting possible sites for certain businesses or specific individuals, whenever these must remain a minimum distance from school locations. Sources include: State of California Department of Education City and County Department of Technology, San Francisco Enterprise Geographic Information System Program Data current as of December 8, 2015

Tags: public schools, private schools, child development centers, community college, education

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Campus Namecampus_nametext
CCSF Entityccsf_entitytext
Lower Gradelower_gradenumber
Upper Gradeupper_gradenumber
Grade Rangegrade_rangetext
Map Labelmap_labeltext
Lower Agelower_agenumberLow generic age of the site's programs corresponding to grades as below Grade Age Identifier (used for school classification) -4 1 INF (infant care) -3 2 TOD (Toddler care) -2 3 PK1 (pre-Kindergarten year 1 of 2) -1 4 PK2 (pre-Kindergarten year 2 of 2) 0 4 TK (transitional Kindergarten) 0 5 K (Kindergarten) 1 6 (First Grade) 2 7 (Second Grade) 3 8 (Third Grade) 4 9 (Fourth Grade) 5 10 (Fifth Grade) 6 11 (Sixth Grade) 7 12 (Seventh Grade) 8 13 (Eighth Grade) 9 14 (Ninth Grade) 10 15 (Tenth Grade) 11 16 (Elevnth Grade) 12 17 (Twelfth Grade) 13 18 (College Freshman) 14 19 (College Sophomore)
Upper Ageupper_agenumber
General Typegeneral_typetextThis is the broadest category included in these points, to support selections, definition queries, or map symbology CC = Community College CDC = Child Development Center IND = Independent / Private PS = Public School
CDS Codecds_codenumberCalifornia Department of Education (CDE) County-District-School (CDS) code is a unique identifier for the school facility used when State of California provides summary reports to the federal US Department of Education Separately, a related Facility code is used by CDE to track licensing of Cild Development Centers (CDC), and for consistency any CDC Facility Code has been placed in this field. Description source
Campus Addresscampus_addresstext
Supervisor Districtsupervisor_districtnumberNumeric field for City and County Supervisor District number
County FIPScounty_fipstext
County Namecounty_nametext
Location 1location_1location