Census data by Census Tracts 2010

data.smcgov.org | Last Updated 10 Aug 2015

Demographic data about San Mateo County's residents by Census Tract. Includes population, race, Hispanic ethnicity, gender, age groups, household, family, and housing information. This data is from the 2010 United States Census Summary File 1 (SF1). There are no Census Tract boundaries included in this data. To see this data as a map, please see: https://data.smcgov.org/Government/Census-Tracts-2010-Map/hkd6-ee5j

Tags: demographics, census, population

This dataset has the following 54 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
TRACTCE10tractce10textTract number from the 2010 Census
IDidtextFull tract ID
TRACTFIPStractfipstextFull Census Tract FIPS code
GEOgeotextCensus Tract label text for mapping
CT_IDct_idtextCensus Tract ID
STATE_FIPSstate_fipstextState FIPS code: 06
CNTY_FIPScnty_fipstextCounty FIPS code: 081
STCOFIPSstcofipstextState and County FIPS code: 06081
FIPSfipstextCensus Tract FIPS code
POP2010pop2010numberPopulation in 2010
POP10_SQMIpop10_sqminumberPopulation per square mile in 2010
POP2012pop2012numberTotal population in 2012
POP12_SQMIpop12_sqminumberPopulation per square mile in 2012
WHITEwhitenumberTotal White population
BLACKblacknumberTotal African American population
AMERI_ESameri_esnumberTotal American Indian or Alaska Native population
ASIANasiannumberTotal Asian population
HAWN_PIhawn_pinumberTotal Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander population
HISPANIChispanicnumberTotal Hispanic population
OTHERothernumberTotal population that identifies as Some Other Race
MULT_RACEmult_racenumberTotal population that identifies as more than one race
MALESmalesnumberTotal number of males
FEMALESfemalesnumberTotal number of females
AGE_UNDER5age_under5numberPopulation under age 5
AGE_5_9age_5_9numberPopulation between ages 5 and 9
AGE_10_14age_10_14numberPopulation between ages 10 and 14
AGE_15_19age_15_19numberPopulation between ages 15 and 19
AGE_20_24age_20_24numberPopulation between ages 20 and 24
AGE_25_34age_25_34numberPopulation between ages 25 and 34
AGE_35_44age_35_44numberPopulation between ages 35 and 44
AGE_45_54age_45_54numberPopulation between ages 45 and 54
AGE_55_64age_55_64numberPopulation between ages 55 and 64
AGE_65_74age_65_74numberPopulation between ages 65 and 74
AGE_75_84age_75_84numberPopulation between ages 75 and 84
AGE_85_UPage_85_upnumberPopulation ages 85 and older
MED_AGEmed_agenumberMedian age
MED_AGE_Mmed_age_mnumberMedian age for males
MED_AGE_Fmed_age_fnumberMedian age for females
HOUSEHOLDShouseholdsnumberTotal number of households
AVE_HH_SZave_hh_sznumberAverage household size
HSEHLD_1_Mhsehld_1_mnumberHouseholds that consist of one male
HSEHLD_1_Fhsehld_1_fnumberHouseholds that consist of one female
MARHH_CHDmarhh_chdnumberHouseholds that consist of a married couple with children
MARHH_NO_Cmarhh_no_cnumberHouseholds that consist of a married couple without children
MHH_CHILDmhh_childnumberHouseholds that have a male head of household and children
FHH_CHILDfhh_childnumberHouseholds that have a female head of household and children
FAMILIESfamiliesnumberNumber of families
AVE_FAM_SZave_fam_sznumberAverage family size
HSE_UNITShse_unitsnumberNumber of housing units
VACANTvacantnumberNumber of vacant housing units
OWNER_OCCowner_occnumberNumber of owner occupied housing units
RENTER_OCCrenter_occnumberNumber of renter occupied housing units
SQMIsqminumberSquare miles of the Census Tract