Building & Safety Demolition Plan Checks | Last Updated 15 Feb 2019

This dataset is a listing of all demolition permit applications currently under review by the City. Due to limitations of prior software used by the City, applications from 2016 and earlier may be erroneously reflected on this list as active and with a status of ‘In Review;’ when in fact the demolition permit may have been issued, or the permit application may have expired altogether prior to any permit issuance.

Tags: building & safety, demolition, plan checks, permits

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Permit Numberpermit_numbertext
Permit Typepermit_type_desctext
Permit Sub-Typepermit_sub_typetext
Site Unit Numbersite_unit_numbertext
Parcel Numberparcel_notext
Date Entereddate_enteredcalendar_date
Class Codeclass_codetextClass codes are determined by the US Census. See for descriptions.
Class Code Descriptionclass_code_descriptiontext
Class Code Sectionclass_code_sectiontext
Number of Unitsnumber_of_unitstext
Permit Type Codepermit_typetext