Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Incident Data | Last Updated 1 Jun 2016

Sheriff’s incident reports are generated after either of two events 1) a citizen has reported an event/crime and a deputy has substantiated that a report is necessary or 2) a deputy has witnessed an event/crime in progress. These incident reports represent a wide spectrum of law enforcement activity from informational reports to serious crime reports. For more information about this dataset please go to the About button and click on the Attachment. For an interactive map of this data, please visit:,%20CA.

Tags: incidents, crime, reports, sheriff, windsor, sonoma, police

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ididnumberUnique identifier
agency codeagency_codetextAgency code of agency that wrote the incident report.
agencyagencytextAgency that wrote the incident report including Sheriff's Office and contract city reports.
incident numberincident_numbertextSequential number assigned to the incident report.
date timedate_timecalendar_dateDate and time that the incident was reported to have taken place. For incidents such as burglary when there is a time range within which the incident occurred this is the first possible time the incident could have occurred.
incident typeincident_typetextIncident category for the type of incident reported.
location typelocation_typetextLocation category for where the incident report occurred. In the case where multiple locations are reported only the first location will be displayed.
citycitytextGeographic area where the reported incident took place. Some unincorporated areas are given three character codes rather then full town names. Additionally city names do not imply that the report occurred within city limits, simply within a geographic area designated with that city name. Use the intersection or geographic coordinates to identify the incident location.
intersectionintersectiontextClosest intersection to the location where the event was reported. Intersections are used to protect victims identities.
locationlocationlocationThis column contains geo-coordinates used for mapping.
uploaduploadcalendar_dateDate the data was uploaded into Socrata after incident approval.