Parks | Last Updated 31 Aug 2019

The ‘Strathcona County Parks’ dataset contains outdoor areas of land that support active and passive recreational activities that are owned or operated by Strathcona County. It includes all natural and human-made landscaping, facilities and structures consistent with the general purpose of public park land whether or not the facilities are publicly operated or operated by other organizations pursuant to arrangements with the public authority owning the park. This will include but is not limited to municipal parks, schools, community halls, storm water management facilities, urban forests and protected areas. The boundaries of the ‘Park’ are typically related to the parcel boundaries as defined by zoning/Order-in-Council/other cadastre but there may be exceptions. Please note, there may be some ‘parks’ (protected areas, natural reserves, crown reservations, etc) that will not be included in this data layer if they are not owned or operated by Strathcona County.

Tags: parks, water, skiing, outdoors, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, volleyball, playground, football, rugby, outdoor rink, trail

This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ParkIDparkidnumberUnique identifier assigned to each Park site
Park Namepark_nametextName of park or site
PurposepurposetextCategorization of the site.
Athletic Parkathletic_parktextBoolean whether site contains an athletic park.
BaseballbaseballtextBoolean whether site contains a baseball diamond.
BMX Skatebmx_skatetextBoolean whether site contains a BMX or skate amenity.
CampgroundcampgroundtextBoolean whether site contains a campground.
Cross Country Skiingcross_country_skiingtextBoolean whether site contains a cross country ski trails. Includes Snowshoeing
Day Useday_usetextBoolean whether site contains a Day Use area.
FootballfootballtextBoolean whether site contains a football field.
GolfgolftextBoolean whether site contains a golf course.
Nature Appreciationnature_appreciationtextBoolean whether site contains nature appreciation features such as trails, ponds, natural areas, etc.
Off Leashoff_leashtextBoolean whether site supports an off leash dog area.
Outdoor Rinkoutdoor_rinktextBoolean whether site contains an outdoor rink.
PlaygroundplaygroundtextBoolean whether site contains a playground.
RugbyrugbytextBoolean whether site contains a rugby field.
SoccersoccertextBoolean whether site contains a soccer field.
TennistennistextBoolean whether site contains tennis courts.
Tot Playgroundtot_playgroundtext
VolleyballvolleyballtextBoolean whether site contains a volleyball court. Includes sand courts.
Water Recreationwater_recreationtextBoolean whether site contains water recreation amenities.
Wilderness Trailwilderness_trailtextBoolean whether site contains a wilderness trail.
LocationlocationlocationGeospatial coordinates.