2015 Municipal Census - Enumeration Areas

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Table representing household census data aggregated to Enumeration Area (EA) gathered in the 2015 Municipal Census. The municipal census was conducted in the spring of 2015. The census gathers information such as the number of people who live in the home, their ages and gender; the type of dwelling; and length of residency in Strathcona County. An up-to-date census count ensures the County receives the maximum grant dollars based on population. These dollars go toward municipal programs such as roads, transit, and community and family services. Census information is also used to plan for future services and programs. The GIS Branch may use the household data for analysis; however, areas containing less than 50 people will not be reported. This practice is in line with Statistics Canada reporting. The data is not available directly to Strathcona County staff but is available upon request and permission from LLS. The data is not shared publicly at the household level. For mapping purposes, this table can be joined by EA number to the polygon data set (https://data.strathcona.ca/Demographics/Municipal-Census-2015-EA/ns2u-t8q8). Additionally, the centroid (point) of the EA polygon is included.

Tags: census - municipal, enumeration area

This dataset has the following 76 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
WardwardnumberWard number
EAeanumberEnumeration Area number
EA Typeea_typetextUrban or Rural Location
Male 0-4male_0_4numberNumber of males aged birth to 4 years
Male 5-9male_5_9numberNumber of males aged 5 to 9 years
Male 10-14male_10_14numberNumber of males aged 10 to 14 years
Male 15-19male_15_19numberNumber of males aged 15 to 19 years
Male 20-24male_20_24numberNumber of males aged 20 to 24 years
Male 25-29male_25_29numberNumber of males aged 25 to 29 years
Male 30-34male_30_34numberNumber of males aged 30 to 34 years
Male 35-39male_35_39numberNumber of males aged 35 to 39 years
Male 40-44male_40_44numberNumber of males aged 40 to 44 years
Male 45-49male_45_49numberNumber of males aged 40 to 44 years
Male 50-54male_50_54numberNumber of males aged 50 to 54 years
Male 55-59male_55_59numberNumber of males aged 55 to 59 years
Male 60-64male_60_64numberNumber of males aged 60 to 64 years
Male 65-69male_65_69numberNumber of males aged 65 to 69 years
Male 70-74male_70_74numberNumber of males aged 70 to 74 years
Male 75-79male_75_79numberNumber of males aged 75 to 79 years
Male 80-84male_80_84numberNumber of males aged 80 to 84 years
Male 85 Plusmale_85_plusnumberNumber of males aged 85 or older
Male Totalmale_totalnumberTotal number of males
Female 0-4female_0_4numberNumber of females aged birth to 4 years
Female 5-9female_5_9numberNumber of females aged 5 to 9 years
Female 10-14female_10_14numberNumber of females aged 10 to 14 years
Female 15-19female_15_19numberNumber of females aged 15 to 19 years
Female 20-24female_20_24numberNumber of females aged 20 to 24 years
Female 25-29female_25_29numberNumber of females aged 25 to 29 years
Female 30-34female_30_34numberNumber of females aged 30 to 34 years
Female 35-39female_35_39numberNumber of females aged 35 to 39 years
Female 40-44female_40_44numberNumber of females aged 40 to 44 years
Female 45-49female_45_49numberNumber of females aged 45 to 49 years
Female 50-54female_50_54numberNumber of females aged 50 to 54 years
Female 55-59female_55_59numberNumber of females aged 55 to 59 years
Female 60-64female_60_64numberNumber of females aged 60 to 64 years
Female 65-69female_65_69numberNumber of females aged 65 to 69 years
Female 70-74female_70_74numberNumber of females aged 70 to 74 years
Female 75-79female_75_79numberNumber of females aged 75 to 79 years
Female 80-84female_80_84numberNumber of females aged 80 to 84 years
Female 85 Plusfemale_85_plusnumberNumber of females aged 85 or older
Female Totalfemale_totalnumberTotal number of females
Household Totalhousehold_totalnumberTotal number of residents
Dwelling Occupieddwelling_occupiednumberNumber of occupied dwellings
Dwelling Unoccupieddwelling_unoccupiednumberNumber of unoccupied dwellings
Dwelling Under Constructiondwelling_under_constructionnumberNumber of dwellings under construction
Single Detachedsingle_detachednumberNumber of single detached dwellings
Row Houserow_housenumberNumber of Row Houses
Apartment Unitsapartment_unitsnumberNumber of Apartment suites
Duplex (semi-detached)duplex_semi_detachednumberNumber of duplexes
Manufactured Homesmanufactured_homesnumberNumber of manufactured homes
Other Movable Dwellingsother_movable_dwellingsnumberNumber of other movable dwellings
Suite in Single Detachedsuite_in_single_detachednumberNumber of suites in single detached dwellings
Collective Dwellingscollective_dwellingsnumberNumber of collective dwellings
Attached to non-Residential Structureattached_to_non_residential_structurenumberNumber of single dwellings attached to non-residential structures
Non-residentialnon_residentialnumberNumber of non-residential structures (e.g. show homes)
OwnedownednumberNumber of dwellings that are owned
RentedrentednumberNumber of dwellings that are rented
Residency Less than 2residency_less_than_2numberNumber of people who have lived in the County for less than 2 years
Residency 2-4residency_2_4numberNumber of people who have lived in the County for 2 - 4 years
Residency 5-9residency_5_9numberNumber of people who have lived in the County for 5 - 9 years
Residency 10 Plusresidency_10_plusnumberNumber of people who have lived in the County for 10 or more years
School Support Publicschool_support_publicnumberNumber of people who declared themselves to be public school supporters
School Support Catholicschool_support_catholicnumberNumber of people who declared themselves to be catholic school supporters
Citizenship Canadiancitizenship_canadiannumberNumber of people who are Canadian citizens
Citizenship non-Canadiancitizenship_non_canadiannumberNumber of people who are not Canadian citizens
Never Marriednever_marriednumberNumber of people who are never married
MarriedmarriednumberNumber of people who are legally married
Common-lawcommon_lawnumberNumber of people who are common law
Separated or Divorcedseparated_or_divorcednumberNumber of people who are legally separated or divorced
WidowedwidowednumberNumber of people who are widowed
Employed Full-Timeemployed_full_timenumberNumber of people employed full time
Employed Part-Timeemployed_part_timenumberNumber of people employed part time
Student (K-12)student_k_12numberNumber of people who are students (K-Grade 12)
Post-secondary Studentpost_secondary_studentnumberNumber of people who are post-secondary students
Not in the Workforcenot_in_the_workforcenumberNumber of people who are not in the workforce
LocationlocationlocationCentroid (latitude, longitude) of the EA polygon