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The ATMS project has been divided into a multi-phased implementation plan, as described below. Phase 1 (Complete): Phase 1 included the downtown section of 4th Street and extended between California Avenue and Olympic Drive. The project was completed in June 2006. Phase 2 (Complete): Phase 2 included traffic signal improvements in the Downtown area bounded by, and including, Ocean Avenue, Wilshire Boulevard, Lincoln Boulevard and Colorado Avenue. Phase 2 also incorporated Lincoln Boulevard from Downtown to the southern City limit. Construction of Phase 2 was completed in 2008. Approximately $1.4 million of the Metro grant were used for transit priority system infrastructure improvements in the Downtown. Phase 3 (Complete): This phase implements the Advanced Traffic Management and bus priority system improvements along Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, the three other Rapid corridors. Construction will be completed in August 2011. Phases 4A and 4B (Complete): Phase 4 condenses several future phases to implement ATMS along Arizona Avenue, Office District, and Mid-City areas. Phase 4C (Complete): Two transit corridors along Ocean Park Boulevard and Main Street/Neilson Way receive fiber optic communications and traffic signal upgrades at 26 intersections. Phase 5 (Underway): Phase 5 will cover outlying areas such as San Vicente Boulevard and streets north of Wilshire Advanced Traffic Management System - City of Santa Monica Boulevard as the final phase of the ATMS project.

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