Special Purpose District Counties

data.texas.gov | Last Updated 16 Apr 2019

The Special Purpose District Counties table includes the entities Texas Taxpayer ID, primary and secondary county codes.

Tags: special purpose district, spdpid, counties

This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
SPD Entity IDspd_publ_idnumberUnique ID number for each Special Purpose District.
Report IDspd_ent_rpt_idtextUnique ID number for each report.
Entity Display Nameent_dis_nmtextName of Special Purpose District.
Report Yearrpt_yrtextYear in which the Special Purpose District reported the entity's information.
County Type Codecnty_ty_cdtextPrimary or Secondary County of the Special Purpose District.
County Codecnty_cdnumberCounty code of county or counties in which the entity is located.