School Nutrition Programs – Contact Information and Site-Level Program Participation – Program Year 2015-2016 | Last Updated 29 Jan 2019

<b>About the Agency</b><br> The Texas Department of Agriculture administers 12 U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition programs in Texas including the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). TDA’s Food and Nutrition division provides technical assistance and training resources to partners operating the programs and oversees the USDA reimbursements they receive to cover part of the cost associated with serving food in their facilities. By working to ensure these partners serve nutritious meals and snacks, the division adheres to its mission — <i>Feeding the Hungry and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles.</i><p> <i><b>For more information on these programs, please visit our <a href= target="_blank">website</a>.</b></i><p> <b>About the Dataset</b><br> This dataset <b>contains contact information and program participation information for each site participating in school nutrition programs during program year 2015-2016</b>. The school nutrition program year begins July 1 and ends June 30.<p> <b>About Dataset Updates</b><br> TDA aims to post new program year data by September 1 of the active program year. Updates will occur quarterly and end 90 days after the close of the program year. Any data posted during the active program year is subject to change. After 90 days from the close of the program year, this dataset will remain published but will no longer be updated.

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This dataset has the following 75 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ProgramYearprogramyeartextA program year for school nutrition programs is defined as July 1 of one year through June 30 of the following year.
ReportTypereporttypetextType of information being reported in the dataset.
CEIDceidtextUnique number assigned to Contracting Entity (CE) to identify organization as a school nutrition program sponsor
CENamecenametextContracting Entity (CE) name
TypeOfAgencytypeofagencytextType of agency the Contracting Entity (CE) operates as. Data displayed as: Educational Institution/Government Agency/Private Non-Profit Organization/Other
TypeOfSNPOrgtypeofsnporgtextType of organization the sponsored site operates as. Data displayed as: Charter/Private/Public/RCCI (Residential Child Care Institution)
CountyDistrictCodecountydistrictcodetextCounty District Code for county in which site in located
CECountycecountytextCounty in which the Contracting Entity (CE) is located
ESCesctextEducational Service Center (ESC) region
TDARegiontdaregiontextTexas Department of Agriculture (TDA) service region
CEStreetAddressLine1cestreetaddressline1textContracting Entity (CE) street address, line 1
CEStreetAddressLine2cestreetaddressline2textContracting Entity (CE) street address, line 2 (if applicable)
CEStreetAddressCitycestreetaddresscitytextContracting Entity (CE) street address, city
CEStreetAddressStatecestreetaddressstatetextContracting Entity (CE) street address, state
CEStreetAddressZipCodecestreetaddresszipcodetextContracting Entity (CE) street address, zip code
CEMailingAddressLine1cemailingaddressline1textContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, line 1
CEMailingAddressLine2cemailingaddressline2textContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, line 2 (if applicable)
CEMailingAddressCitycemailingaddresscitytextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, city
CEMailingAddressStatecemailingaddressstatetextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, state
CEMailingAddressZipCodecemailingaddresszipcodetextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, zip code
SuperintendentSalutationsuperintendentsalutationtextHonorific salutation for CE administrator/superintendent. Optional entry for CE. Format: Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.
SuperintendentFirstNamesuperintendentfirstnametextCE administrator/superintendent first name
SuperintendentLastNamesuperintendentlastnametextCE administrator/superintendent last name
SuperintendentTitlePositionsuperintendenttitlepositiontextCE administrator/superintendent title or position
SuperintendentEmailsuperintendentemailtextCE administrator/superintendent email address
SuperintendentPhonesuperintendentphonetextCE administrator/superintendent phone number
ChildNutDirSalutationchildnutdirsalutationtextHonorific salutation for Child Nutrition Director (CND). Optional entry for CE. Format: Mr., Ms. Dr., etc.
ChildNutDirFirstNamechildnutdirfirstnametextChild Nutrition Director (CND) first name
ChildNutDirLastNamechildnutdirlastnametextChild Nutrition Director (CND) last name
ChildNutDirTitlePositionchildnutdirtitlepositiontextChild Nutrition Director (CND) title or position
ChildNutDirEmailchildnutdiremailtextChild Nutrition Director (CND) email address
ChildNutDirPhonechildnutdirphonetextChild Nutrition Director (CND) phone number
ManagedByFSMCmanagedbyfsmctextSchool nutrition program contracts with a Food Service Management Company (FSMC). FSMC details can be found in our School Nutrition Program – Food Service Management Company Information dataset. Data displayed as: Y/N
MealsPurchasedFromSFAmealspurchasedfromsfatextCE organization purchases meals from a School Food Authority (SFA). Data displayed as: Y/N
PurchaseMealsFromVendorOtherThanSFApurchasemealsfromvendorotextCE organization purchases meals/snacks from a vendor other than a School Food Authority (SFA). Data displayed as: Y/N
VendMealsToSFAvendmealstosfatextCE organization vends meals to a School Food Authority (SFA). Data displayed as: Y/N
SiteIDsiteidtextNumber assigned to identify site within CE
SiteNamesitenametextSite name
SiteCountysitecountytextCounty in which the site is located
SiteStreetAddressLine1sitestreetaddressline1textSite street address, line 1
SiteStreetAddressLine2sitestreetaddressline2textSite street address, line 2 (if applicable)
SiteStreetCitysitestreetcitytextSite street address, city
SiteStreetStatesitestreetstatetextSite street address, state
SiteStreetZipCodesitestreetzipcodetextSite street address, zip code
SchoolBreakfastProgramschoolbreakfastprogramtextParticipation of site in the School Breakfast Program (SBP) during the program year. Data displayed as, Y/N
NationalSchoolLunchProgramnationalschoollunchprogramtextParticipation of site in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
AfterschoolCareProgramafterschoolcareprogramtextParticipation of site in the After School Care Program (ASCP) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
SpecialMilkProgramspecialmilkprogramtextParticipation of site in the Special Milk Program (SMP) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
FFVPApprovedffvpapprovedtextParticipation of site in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program (FFVP) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
SeverNeedBreakfastseverneedbreakfasttextParticipation of site in the Severe Needs Breakfast Program (SNB) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
UniversalFreeBreakfastuniversalfreebreakfasttextParticipation of site in the Universal Free Breakfast (UB) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
AreaEligibleSnackareaeligiblesnacktextParticipation of site in the Area Eligible Snack during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
Site ISPsite_ispnumberIdentified Student Percentage (ISP). Contributes to determining eligibility of a site or group of sites for electing CEP meal pricing.
CEPceptextParticipation of site in the Community Eligible Provision (CEP) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
Provision2provision2textParticipation of site in Provision 2 (P2) during the program year. Data displayed as: Y/N
BreakfastPricingbreakfastpricingtextMethod of breakfast meal pricing employed by site during the program year
LunchPricinglunchpricingtextMethod of lunch meal pricing employed by site during the program year
SnackPricingsnackpricingtextMethod of snack meal pricing employed by site during the program year
GradeEarlyEducationgradeearlyeducationtextGrades served at this site – early education. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
GradeHeadStartgradeheadstarttextGrades served at this site – Head Start. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
GradePreKgradeprektextGrades served at this site – Pre-kindergarten. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
GradeKindergradekindertextGrades served at this site – Kindergarten. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade1grade1textGrades served at this site – first (1st) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade2grade2textGrades served at this site – second (2nd) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade3grade3textGrades served at this site – third (3rd) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade4grade4textGrades served at this site – fourth (4th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade5grade5textGrades served at this site – fifth (5th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade6grade6textGrades served at this site – sixth (6th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade7grade7textGrades served at this site – seventh (7th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade8grade8textGrades served at this site – eighth (8th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade9grade9textGrades served at this site – ninth (9th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade10grade10textGrades served at this site – tenth (10th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade11grade11textGrades served at this site – eleventh (11th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Grade12grade12textGrades at this site – twelfth (12th) grade. Data displayed as: Y/(blank)
Georeferencegeocoded_columnpointGeo-location of site based on site street address for map visualization. Null values in geolocation data is most likely due to a P.O. Box address listed for a site address.