Taxpayer Returns | Last Updated 25 May 2018

See the attached PDF for a detailed description of each tax type. The Comptroller of Public Accounts is charged by statute, Tex. Gov’t Code § 403.0142, with reporting and posting the amounts of revenue remitted from each Texas municipality and county for taxes whose location information is available from tax returns. The revenue is presented by county only because specific cities could not be definitively determined from the report data. Returns submitted directly by local governments are open records and include their names and addresses. Due to confidentiality restrictions, amounts reported by businesses cannot be provided when less than four businesses report for a specific county. This data is posted quarterly, six months after the end of the quarterly data period to allow for collection actions when needed. See for more information on our agency’s privacy and security policies

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This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Tax IDtax_idtextA number that uniquely identifies a tax that the Comptroller administers.
Sub Taxsub_taxtextA number that Identifies the class type of a Tax ID. This number helps to identify what class of taxing authority that is empowered to assess taxes, fees, or funds that are collected by the Comptroller.
Tax Descriptiontax_descriptiontextA short description of the tax type.
Taxpayer Numbertaxpayer_numbertextUnique 11-digit ID assigned by the Texas Comptroller.
YearyearnumberThe year of the return.
MonthmonthnumberThe month of the return (1-12). If blank the return is not processed monthly.
QuarterquarternumberThe quarter of the return (1-4). If blank the return is not processed quarterly.
NamenametextName of the taxpaying entity.
AddressaddresstextAddress of the taxpaying entity.
CitycitytextCity of the taxpaying entity.
ZipziptextZip code of the taxpaying entity.
StatestatetextState of the taxpaying entity.
CountycountytextCounty of the taxpaying entity.
Total Duetotal_duenumberThe total amount due for a tax return.
Report Period Typereport_period_typetextThe frequency the return is filled: either monthly, quarterly, or yearly.