Tampa CV Pilot Signal Phasing and Timing (SPaT) Sample

data.transportation.gov | Last Updated 26 Jan 2020

The Tampa CV Pilot generates data from the interaction between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure. This dataset consists of Signal Phasing and Timing Message (SPaT) Messages transmitted by road-side units (RSU) located throughout the Tampa CV Pilot Study area. The full set of raw, SPaT data from Tampa CV Pilot can be found in the <a href="http://usdot-its-cvpilot-public-data.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html" target="_blank" >ITS Sandbox</a>. The data fields follow SAE J2735 data frames (Section 6) and structure (Section 7). This data set holds a flattened sample of the most recent SPaT data from Tampa CV Pilot and is updated nightly. A column of random numbers (randomNum) was added to allow for random sampling of data points within Socrata.

Tags: tampa connected vehicle pilot deployment (tampa cv pilot), tampa, florida, roadside equipment (rse), arterial, intelligent transportation systems (its), its joint program office (jpo), connected vehicle message, field test, tampa hillsborough expressway authority (thea), signal phasing and timing (spat)

This dataset has the following 24 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
metadata_generatedAtmetadata_generatedatcalendar_dateClosest time to which the record was created, either signed or received by the generatedBy source in UTC format. This information is taken from the communication header.
metadata_generatedBymetadata_generatedbytextSource of the record, whether [OBU, RSU, TMC].
metadata_logFileNamemetadata_logfilenametextName of the original file that deposited the message.
metadata_schemaVersionmetadata_schemaversionnumberVersion of the metadata schema.
metadata_RSUIDmetadata_rsuidtextIdentifier of road side unit.
metadata_externalIDmetadata_externalidtextExternal ID
metadata_kindmetadata_kindtextMetadata kind.
metadata_psidmetadata_psidnumberProvider Service Identifier. A number that identifies a service provided by an application. PSID is defined in IEEE Std 1609.12.
dataTypedatatypetextThe data type.
payload_data_SPAT_timeStampspat_timestampnumberTimestamp of the Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT) message, expressed in minute of the year - the number of elapsed minutes of the current year in the time system being used (typically UTC time). This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_namepayload_data_spat_nametextHuman readable name for this collection of SPAT messages - to be used only in debug mode. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_regionalpayload_data_spat_regionaltextRegional Extension. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_timeStampspat_intersections_4numberThe mSec point in the current UTC minute that the message was constructed. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_moypayload_data_spat_intersections_intersectionstate_moynumberMinute of current UTC year, used only with messages to be archived. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_namepayload_data_spat_intersections_intersectionstate_nametextMinute of current UTC year, used only with messages to be archived. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_id_idspat_intersectionsnumberSPAT intersection reference ID for a single intersection, consisting of a regionID and intersection ID assignment, and provides a unique mapping to the intersection MAP in question which provides complete location and approach/move/lane data. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_id_regionpayload_data_spat_intersections_intersectionstate_id_regiontextRoad Regulator ID - a globally unique regional assignment value, typically assigned to a regional DOT authority. The value zero is used for testing. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_statusspat_intersections_3numberGeneral status of the controller(s). This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_regionalpayload_data_spat_intersections_intersectionstate_regionaltextRegional Extension. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_revisionspat_intersections_1numberA sequence number within a stream of messages with the same DSRCmsgID and from the same sender. The receipt of a non-sequential MsgCount value (from the same sending device and message type) implies that one or more messages from that sending device may have been lost, unless MsgCount has been re-initialized due to an identity change. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_states_MovementStatespat_intersections_2textSignal phase state mapping to the lanes it applies to, and point in time it will end. It may contain both active and future states. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_enabledLanespayload_data_spat_intersections_intersectionstate_enabledlanestextEnabled lanes list - a list of lanes where the RevocableLane bit has been set which are now active and therefore part of the current intersection. Used for intersection at REL ramp. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
payload_data_SPAT_intersections_IntersectionState_maneuverAssistListpayload_data_spat_intersections_intersectionstate_maneuverassistlisttextAssist data consisting of a list of ConnectionManeuverAssist entries. This field is based on the J2735 Standard.
randomNumrandomnumnumberRandom decimal number, to be used for random sampling of data within Socrata. This field is created for use within Socrata and is not present in the data Sandbox.