Feed the Future Malawi: Baseline Household Survey, Household Data Used for the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index

data.usaid.gov | Last Updated 7 Jun 2024

This dataset describes data about the households that participated in this baseline survey collected for the express purpose of calculating the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI). The spreadsheet has 233 columns and 4,880 rows. The Malawi Population-Based Survey (PBS) provides a comprehensive assessment of the current status of agriculture and food security in seven districts in the Central and Southern Regions: Mchinji, Lilongwe, Dedza, Ntcheu, Balaka, Machinga, and Mangochi. The PBS was conducted from November 14 to December 22, 2012. The overall objective of the survey is to provide baseline on data living standards, nutritional status, and women's empowerment in agriculture in the Zone Of Influence. A total of 3,397 households in the ZOI were interviewed for the PBS, and these households were spread across 126 rural standard enumeration areas (SEAs) in the seven districts.

Tags: agriculture, consumption, poverty, hunger, feed the future, food insecurity, women's empowerment, malawi, nutrition

This dataset has the following 233 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
a04a04numberPrimary Secondary
b01_2b01_2numberg2 01b Participate in Cash crop farming
b01_6b01_6numberg2 01f Participate in Fishing or fishpond culture
b01_1b01_1numberg2 01a Participate in Food crop farming
b01_3b01_3numberg2 01c Participate in Livestock raising
b01_4b01_4numberg2 01d Participate in Non farm
b01_5b01_5numberg2 01e Participate in Wage and salary employment
b02_2b02_2numberg2 02b Input for Cash crop farming
b02_6b02_6numberg2 02f Input for Fishing or fishpond culture
b02_1b02_1numberg2 02a Input for Food crop farming
b02_3b02_3numberg2 02c Input for Livestock raising
b02_4b02_4numberg2 02d Input for Non farm
b02_5b02_5numberg2 02e Input for Wage and salary employment
b03_2b03_2numberg2 03b Input for spend money from Cash crop farming
b03_6b03_6numberg2 03f Input for spend money from Fishing or fishpond culture
b03_1b03_1numberg2 03a Input for spend money from Food crop farming
b03_3b03_3numberg2 03c Input for spend money from Livestock raising
b03_4b03_4numberg2 03d Input for spend money from Non farm
b03_5b03_5numberg2 03e Input for spend money from Wage and salary employment
c01a_ac01a_anumberg3 1a a Anyone Owns Agriculture
c01a_bc01a_bnumberg3 1a b Anyone Owns Large Livestock
c01a_cc01a_cnumberg3 1a c Anyone Owns Small Livestock
c01a_dc01a_dnumberg3 1a d Anyone Owns Chicken
c01a_ec01a_enumberg3 1a e Anyone Owns Fish Pond
c01a_fc01a_fnumberg3 1a f Anyone Owns Farm Equip non mech
c01a_gc01a_gnumberg3 1a g Anyone Owns Farm Equip mech
c01a_hc01a_hnumberg3 1a h Anyone Owns Nonfarm Equip
c01a_ic01a_inumberg3 1a i Anyone Owns House
c01a_jc01a_jnumberg3 1a j Anyone Owns Large Durable
c01a_kc01a_knumberg3 1a k Anyone Owns Small Durable
c01a_lc01a_lnumberg3 1a l Anyone Owns Cell Phone
c01a_mc01a_mnumberg3 1a m Anyone Owns Other Land
c01a_nc01a_nnumberg3 1a n Anyone Owns Transportation
c01b_ac01b_anumberg3 1b a Household owns Agriculture
c01b_bc01b_bnumberg3 1b b Household owns Large Livestock
c01b_cc01b_cnumberg3 1b c Household owns Small Livestock
c01b_dc01b_dnumberg3 1b d Household owns Chicken
c01b_ec01b_enumberg3 1b e Household owns Fish Pond
c01b_fc01b_fnumberg3 1b f Household owns Farm Equip non mech
c01b_gc01b_gnumberg3 1b g Household owns Farm Equip mech
c01b_hc01b_hnumberg3 1b h Household owns Nonfarm Equip
c01b_ic01b_inumberg3 1b i Household owns House
c01b_jc01b_jnumberg3 1b j Household owns Large Durable
c01b_kc01b_knumberg3 1b k Household owns Small Durable
c01b_lc01b_lnumberg3 1b l Household owns Cell Phone
c01b_mc01b_mnumberg3 1b m Household owns Other Land
c01b_nc01b_nnumberg3 1b n Household owns Transportation
c02_ac02_anumberg3 02a Owns most of Agriculture
c02_bc02_bnumberg3 02b Owns most of Large Livestock
c02_cc02_cnumberg3 02c Owns most of Small Livestock
c02_dc02_dnumberg3 02d Owns most of Chicken
c02_ec02_enumberg3 02e Owns most of Fish Pond
c02_fc02_fnumberg3 02f Owns most of Farm Equip non mech
c02_gc02_gnumberg3 02g Owns most of Farm Equip mech
c02_hc02_hnumberg3 02h Owns most of Nonfarm Equip
c02_ic02_inumberg3 02i Owns most of House
c02_jc02_jnumberg3 02j Owns most of Large Durable
c02_kc02_knumberg3 02k Owns most of Small Durable
c02_lc02_lnumberg3 02l Owns most of Cell Phone
c02_mc02_mnumberg3 02m Owns most of Other Land
c02_nc02_nnumberg3 02n Owns most of Transportation
c04_ac04_anumberg3 03a Decide to sell Agriculture
c04_bc04_bnumberg3 03b Decide to sell Large Livestock
c04_cc04_cnumberg3 03c Decide to sell Small Livestock
c04_dc04_dnumberg3 03d Decide to sell Chicken
c04_ec04_enumberg3 03e Decide to sell Fish Pond
c04_fc04_fnumberg3 03f Decide to sell Farm Equip non mech
c04_gc04_gnumberg3 03g Decide to sell Farm Equip mech
c04_hc04_htextg3 03h Decide to sell Nonfarm Equip
c04_ic04_itextg3 03i Decide to sell House
c04_jc04_jtextg3 03j Decide to sell Large Durable
c04_kc04_ktextg3 03k Decide to sell Small Durable
c04_lc04_ltextg3 03l Decide to sell Cell Phone
c04_mc04_mtextg3 03m Decide to sell Other Land
c04_nc04_ntextg3 03n Decide to sell Transportation
c05_ac05_anumberg3 04a Decide to give away Agriculture
c05_bc05_bnumberg3 04b Decide to give away Large Livestock
c05_cc05_cnumberg3 04c Decide to give away Small Livestock
c05_dc05_dnumberg3 04d Decide to give away Chicken
c05_ec05_enumberg3 04e Decide to give away Fish Pond
c05_fc05_fnumberg3 04f Decide to give away Farm Equip non mech
c05_gc05_gnumberg3 04g Decide to give away Farm Equip mech
c05_hc05_htextg3 04h Decide to give away Nonfarm Equip
c05_ic05_itextg3 04i Decide to give away House
c05_jc05_jtextg3 04j Decide to give away Large Durable
c05_kc05_ktextg3 04k Decide to give away Small Durable
c05_lc05_ltextg3 04l Decide to give away Cell Phone
c05_mc05_mtextg3 04m Decide to give away Other Land
c05_nc05_ntextg3 04n Decide to give away Transportation
c06_ac06_anumberg3 05a Decide to rent out Agriculture
c06_bc06_bnumberg3 05b Decide to rent out Large Livestock
c06_cc06_cnumberg3 05c Decide to rent out Small Livestock
c06_dc06_dnumberg3 05d Decide to rent out Chicken
c06_ec06_enumberg3 05e Decide to rent out Fish Pond
c06_fc06_fnumberg3 05f Decide to rent out Farm Equip non mech
c06_gc06_gnumberg3 05g Decide to rent out Farm Equip mech
c06_hc06_htextg3 05h Decide to rent out Nonfarm Equip
c06_ic06_itextg3 05i Decide to rent out House
c06_jc06_jtextg3 05j Decide to rent out Large Durable
c06_kc06_ktextg3 05k Decide to rent out Small Durable
c06_lc06_ltextg3 05l Decide to rent out Cell Phone
c06_mc06_mtextg3 05m Decide to rent out Other Land
c06_nc06_ntextg3 05n Decide to rent out Transportation
c09_ac09_anumberg3 06a Decide to buy new Agriculture
c09_bc09_bnumberg3 06b Decide to buy new Large Livestock
c09_cc09_cnumberg3 06c Decide to buy new Small Livestock
c09_dc09_dnumberg3 06d Decide to buy new Chicken
c09_ec09_enumberg3 06e Decide to buy new Fish Pond
c09_fc09_fnumberg3 06f Decide to buy new Farm Equip non mech
c09_gc09_gnumberg3 06g Decide to buy new Farm Equip mech
c09_hc09_htextg3 06h Decide to buy new Nonfarm Equip
c09_ic09_itextg3 06i Decide to buy new House
c09_jc09_jtextg3 06j Decide to buy new Large Durable
c09_kc09_ktextg3 06k Decide to buy new Small Durable
c09_lc09_ltextg3 06l Decide to buy new Cell Phone
c09_mc09_mtextg3 06m Decide to buy new Other Land
c09_nc09_ntextg3 06n Decide to buy new Transportation
c10_ac10_anumberg3 07a Taken any loans from NGO
c10_bc10_bnumberg3 07b Taken any loans from Informal lender
c10_cc10_cnumberg3 07c Taken any loans from Formal lender
c10_dc10_dnumberg3 07d Taken any loans from Friends
c10_ec10_enumberg3 07e Taken any loans from Group
c11_ac11_anumberg3 08a Decide to borrow from NGO
c11_bc11_bnumberg3 08b Decide to borrow from Informal lender
c11_cc11_cnumberg3 08c Decide to borrow from Formal lender
c11_dc11_dnumberg3 08d Decide to borrow from Friends
c11_ec11_enumberg3 08e Decide to borrow from Group
c12_ac12_anumberg3 09a Decide how to use money from NGO
c12_bc12_bnumberg3 09b Decide how to use money from Informal lender
c12_cc12_cnumberg3 09c Decide how to use money from Formal lender
c12_dc12_dnumberg3 09d Decide how to use money from Friends
c12_ec12_enumberg3 09e Decide how to use money from Group
a05a05numberZIG1 Sex g1
a12a12numberZIG1 Int alone
e02_ae02_anumberg4 01 Speak in public to help decide
e02_be02_bnumberg4 02 Speak in public to ensure proper wages
e02_ce02_cnumberg4 03 Speak in public to protest
g404_ag404_anumberg4 04a Is there a agricultural livestock fisheries producer group
g404_gg404_gnumberg4 04g Is there a civic or charitable group
g404_dg404_dnumberg4 04d Is there a credit or microfinance group
g404_cg404_cnumberg4 04c Is there a forest users group
g404_hg404_hnumberg4 04h Is there a local government
g404_eg404_enumberg4 04e Is there a mutual felp or insurance group
g404_kg404_knumberg4 04k Is there a other
g404_ig404_inumberg4 04i Is there a religious group
g404_fg404_fnumberg4 04f Is there a trade and business association
g404_bg404_bnumberg4 04b Is there a water users group
g404_jg404_jnumberg4 04j Is there a other womens group
e07_ae07_anumberg4 05a Active member of any agricultural livestock fisheries producer group
e07_ge07_gnumberg4 05g Active member of any civic or charitable group
e07_de07_dnumberg4 05d Active member of any credit or microfinance group
e07_ce07_cnumberg4 05c Active member of any forest users group
e07_he07_hnumberg4 05h Active member of any local government
e07_ee07_enumberg4 05e Active member of any mutual felp or insurance group
e07_ke07_knumberg4 05k Active member of any other
e07_ie07_inumberg4 05i Active member of any religious group
e07_fe07_fnumberg4 05f Active member of any trade and business association
e07_be07_bnumberg4 05b Active member of any water users group
e07_je07_jnumberg4 05j Active member of any other womens group
g01_cg01_cnumberg5 01c Crops to grow whose Decision
g01_bg01_bnumberg5 01b Input to buy whose Decision
g01_eg01_enumberg5 01e Livestock raising whose Decision
g01_dg01_dnumberg5 01d Market whose Decision
g01_hg01_hnumberg5 01h Major HH Exp whose Decision NOT in STATA
g01_ig01_inumberg5 01i Minor HH Exp whose Decision is g01 h in STATA
g01_gg01_gnumberg5 01g Wage whose Decision
g02_cg02_cnumberg5 02c Crops to grow personal Decision
g02_bg02_bnumberg5 02b Input to buy personal Decision
g02_eg02_enumberg5 02e Livestock raising personal Decision
g02_dg02_dnumberg5 02d Market personal Decision
g02_hg02_hnumberg5 02h Major HH Exp personal Decision NOT in STATA
g02_ig02_inumberg5 02i Minor HH Exp personal Decision is g02 h in STATA
g02_gg02_gnumberg5 02g Wage personal Decision
g03_cg03_cnumberg5 03c Crops to grow avoid trouble
g03_bg03_bnumberg5 03b Input to buy avoid trouble
g03_eg03_enumberg5 03e Livestock raising avoid trouble
g03_dg03_dnumberg5 03d Market avoid trouble
g04_cg04_cnumberg5 04c Crops to grow avoid think poorly
g04_bg04_bnumberg5 04b Input to buy avoid think poorly
g04_eg04_enumberg5 04e Livestock raising avoid think poorly
g04_dg04_dnumberg5 04d Market avoid think poorly
g05_cg05_cnumberg5 05c Crops to grow reflect own value
g05_bg05_bnumberg5 05b Input to buy reflect own value
g05_eg05_enumberg5 05e Livestock raising reflect own value
g05_dg05_dnumberg5 05d Market reflect own value
f04bf04bnumberg6 02 How satisfied scale of 1 10
zia_cluster_cdzia_cluster_cdnumberZIA Cluster cd
zia_district_cdzia_district_cdnumberZIA District cd
zia_region_cdzia_region_cdnumberZIA Region cd
zia_int_outcomezia_int_outcomenumberZIA Int outcome
wt_weai_1wt_weai_1numberWEAI weight for Males
wt_weai_2wt_weai_2numberWEAI weight for Females
countrycountrytextZIA Country
urbrururbrurnumberUrban Rural 1 urban 2 rural
d01d01numberZID Roof tp
d02d02numberZID Floor tp
d03d03numberZID Ext wall tp
d04d04numberZID Rooms num
d05d05numberZID Toilet tp
d06d06numberZID Drink water src
d07d07numberZID Electr yn
d08d08numberZID Fuel src
modd_missingmodd_missingnumberMissing all elements from D
f01f01numberZIF No food yn
f03f03numberZIF Sleep hungry yn
f05f05numberZIF Whl day no eat yn
f02f02numberZIF No food freq
f04f04numberZIF Sleep hungry freq
f06f06numberZIF Whl day no eat freq
modf_missingmodf_missingnumberMissing all elements from F
weaiwghtweaiwghtnumberGender specific WEAI weight
a06a06numberHousehold type derived by module C data
pbs_idpbs_idnumberPBS ID
feelinputdecagrfeelinputdecagrnumberInadequacy in input in productive decisions
raiprod_anyraiprod_anynumberInadequacy in autonomy in production
jown_countjown_countnumberInadequacy in ownership of assets
jrightanyagrjrightanyagrnumberInadequacy in purchase sale or transfer of assets
credjanydec_anycredjanydec_anynumberInadequacy in access to and decisions on credit
incdec_countincdec_countnumberInadequacy in control over use of income
groupmember_anygroupmember_anynumberInadequacy in group member
speakpublic_anyspeakpublic_anynumberInadequacy in speaking in public
npoor_z105npoor_z105numberInadequacy in workload
leisuretimeleisuretimenumberInadequacy in leisure
cicinumberIndividual disempowerment score
ch_20pch_20pnumberIndividual indicator that woman has not achieved empowerment
ci_aboveci_abovenumberIndividual indicator that woman lacks gender parity
ci_gapci_gapnumberIndividual empowerment gap for women without parity
hehenumberof women empowered
aaaanumberAverage empowerment score of women not yet empowered
hphpnumberof women with gender parity
rprpnumberAverage empowerment gap for women without parity
ea_20pea_20pnumberPopulation value of 5DE
gpigpinumberPopulation value of GPI