South Sudan Unity State Baseline Report: WASH | Last Updated 29 Apr 2020

To get a better understanding and assess the severity of the nutrition and mortality situation in Mayendit County, implementing partners conducted a Nutrition and Mortality SMART survey from the 10th to 23rd of December, 2015. The overall survey objective was to determine the nutrition status among children aged 6 to 59 months and to estimate crude and under-five retrospective mortality rates in Mayendit County, Unity State. Data collected included morbidity data (two-week recall), immunization and supplementation coverage, and a qualitative component on Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL).

Tags: wash, nutrition, unity state, south sudan

This dataset has the following 46 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Questionnaire Codequestionnaire_codenumber
2. Are you displaced because of the current crisis?_2_are_you_displaced_becausecheckbox
5.Who is the head of household?_5_who_is_the_head_oftext
6.How many people slept here last night?_6_how_many_people_sleptnumber
8.Do you also use this water source for cooking and hygiene (e.g. bathing)?_8_do_you_also_use_this_watercheckbox
10. What is the main source of hygiene/bathing water for members of your household?_10_what_is_the_main_sourcetext
11.How many 20 liter jerry cans (or equivalent container) did you collect yesterday?_11_how_many_20_liter_jerrynumber
12. How many 20 liter Jerry Cans did you use yesterday for drinking, cooking, hygiene/bathing purposes?_12_how_many_20_liter_jerrynumber
13. On how many days in the last week did you feel that the household had insufficient quantity of drinking water?_13_on_how_many_days_in_thenumber
14. If more than 0 days, what was the main reason for this?_14_if_more_than_0_days_whattext
16. How long do you usually wait in line for water?_16_how_long_do_you_usuallytext
17. Do you treat your water in any way to make it safer to drink?_17_do_you_treat_your_watercheckbox
18. If yes, what do you usually do to the water to make it safer to drink? Record all items mentioned_18_if_yes_what_do_you_usuallytext
21. Do you share a latrine with other households?_21_do_you_share_a_latrinetext
22. Is there soap or ash available for hand washing at the latrine?_22_is_there_soap_or_ashtext
24. For surveyor only (DO NOT ASK THE RESPONDENT) Observe: Is there any evidence of feces in the living area?_24_for_surveyor_only_docheckbox
25. How many children under 5 years of age live in this home?_25_how_many_children_undernumber
26. How many children under 5 years of age had diarrhea in the past 2 weeks?_26_how_many_children_undernumber
27. What is the age of the youngest child in your household? (in months)_27_what_is_the_age_of_thenumber
28. Has this child ever been breastfed?_28_has_this_child_ever_beencheckbox
29. Was this child breastfed within the first hour after birth?_29_was_this_child_breastfedcheckbox
30. Is the child on exclusive breastfeeding?_30_is_the_child_on_exclusivecheckbox
31. When do you wash your hands?_31_when_do_you_wash_yourtext
32. Do you have a household hand washing facility? If yes, show me._32_do_you_have_a_householdcheckbox
33. Is the hand washing facility still functioning?_33_is_the_hand_washingtext
34. How many feddans are you cultivating this year?_34_how_many_feddans_aretext
35. How many feddans would you cultivate in a normal year (before the conflict)?_35_how_many_feddans_wouldnumber
36. How long will your current food stock last?_36_how_long_will_your_currenttext
37. What is the single biggest obstacle to providing food for your family?_37_what_is_the_single_biggesttext
39. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Sorghum/Dura?_39_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
40. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Maize?_40_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
41. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Cassava/Millet/Rice/Roots (other cereals and tubers)?_41_over_the_last_7_daystext
42. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume G-nuts, Beans, Simsim, peas (other pulses)?_42_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
43. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Fruits and Vegetables_43_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
44. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Meat/Chicken/Fish_44_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
45. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Milk/Eggs/Ghee/Cheese/Yogurt?_45_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
46. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Sugar/Honey/Sweets?_46_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
47. Over the last 7 days how many days did you consume Oil/Fats_47_over_the_last_7_daysnumber
48. What is the main source of your food?_48_what_is_the_main_sourcetext