Purchasing Contracts

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This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
VendorvendortextA person or company who will be providing product or services to the City of Virginia Beach.
Small Businesssmall_businesstextA business, independently owned and controlled by one or more individuals who are U.S. citizens or legal resident aliens, and together with affiliates, has two hundred fifty (250) or fewer employees, or annual gross receipts of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) or less averaged over the previous three (3) years. One or more of the individual owners shall control both the management and daily business operations of the small business.
Minority Ownedminority_ownedtextA business or other entity that is at least fifty-one (51) percent owned and controlled by a minority. For purposes of this definition, the term "control" shall mean exercising the power to make policy decisions and being actively involved in day-to-day management.
Vendor Sitevendor_sitetextMailing address for vendor.
Purchase Order Numberpurchase_order_numbertextInternal tracking number for each purchase order/purchasing contract issued.
Creation Datecreation_datecalendar_dateThe date a purchase order is entered into the system.
Revised Daterevised_datecalendar_dateThe date any revision may have been made to the purchase order.
Account Code Descriptionaccount_code_descriptiontextA description of the funding stream that was used for the transaction.
Purchase Order Amountpurchase_order_amountnumberThe total amount for all goods and services being provided to the City of Virginia Beach.