Agricultural Reserve Program Properties | Last Updated 19 Apr 2017

The dataset provides information on all applications submitted to the City’s Agriculture Department for inclusion in the Agricultural Reserve Program (ARP). The Agricultural Lands Preservation Ordinance and the Virginia Beach Agricultural Reserve Program (ARP) were enacted by City Council on May 9, 1995. The program was designed and promoted by a coalition of farm, conservation, business, and civic interests to address common concerns for resource and growth management, as well as preservation of agri-business and a balanced tax base. The ARP is a voluntary program that provides landowners the opportunity to capitalize on the development potential of their farmland without having to sell it. The recorded perpetual deed of easement protects the land for future generations for certain agricultural uses while the landowner retains ownership of his or her property. The City compensates the landowner for their development rights with an installment purchase agreement that includes tax free interest payments. The 25-year payment plan allows the City to leverage its dollars over time.

Tags: agriculture, agricultural, arp, land, program, ag, preservation, farmland, rural, pdr, development, rights, deed, easement

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Application Numberapplication_numbertextInternal tracking number assigned to all Agricultural Reserve Program applications.
Date Loggeddate_loggedcalendar_dateDate that the application was submitted to the Department of Agriculture for processing.
Applicant Name(s)applicant_name_stextName on the individual Agricultural Reserve Program property owner(s) application.
Property Locationproperty_locationtextGeneral location of the property enrolled in the ARP.
Approval Dateapproval_datecalendar_dateDate City Council approves the property to be included in the ARP. The applicant will then make the decision to move forward, or not move forward, to enroll their property in the program.
Closing Dateclosing_datecalendar_dateDate the property was enrolled in the ARP.
Acres Enrolledacres_enrollednumberThe number of acres enrolled in the ARP.
Development Rights Acquireddevelopment_rights_acquirednumberNumber of development rights acquired by the City for each easement. The total number of development rights on a particular tract of land is dependent on the soil type (good soils allow for more development and poor soils allow for little or no development). An applicant may reserve one or more “development rights” on the property which would allow them the ability to develop those parcels in the future.
Purchase Pricepurchase_pricenumberTotal purchase price of development rights being acquired for ARP.
Interest Rateinterest_ratenumberA floor rate is established in the offer letter. Final interest rate is determined prior to closing on the application. The landowner receives the greater of the floor interest rate or the current market rate at the time of closing.
VDACS Reimbursementvdacs_reimbursementnumberThis is the amount of any reimbursement received through VDACS (Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services). VDACS and the Office of Farmland Preservation, based on an Intergovernmental Agreement, provides reimbursement funding for select easements up to 50% of the purchase price. If there has not been a reimbursement, $0 will be reflected.