Operating Expense Budget Virginia Beach

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Expenditure Budget for the City of Virginia Beach

Tags: budget, virginia beach, expenditures

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumber
Budget Codebudget_codetext
Business Areabusiness_areatext
Dept Codedept_codetext
Budget Unitbudget_unittext
Appropriation Categoryappropriation_categorytext
Account Objectaccount_objecttext
Appropriation Nameappropriation_nametext
Fund Codefund_codetext
Expense Typeexpense_typetext
Approved Amountapproved_amountnumberThe FY 2016 budget will be approved in June 2016.
Actual Amountactual_amountnumber
Recommended Amountrecommended_amountnumber