Income Stats 2014 State By AGI Bracket | Last Updated 3 Feb 2016

This report shows income and tax statistics for all Vermont residents organized by AGI income bracket. Out-of-state filers were excluded from the analysis but their totals are reported on a separate line. Out-of-state filers with income adjsutment equal to zero (meaning they had no VT income) were excluded entirely.

Tags: tax, taxes, income, agi, bracket

This dataset has the following 20 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
AGI Income Bracketagi_income_brackettext
Married Jointmarried_jointnumber
Married Separatemarried_separatenumber
Head of Householdhead_of_householdnumber
Credits - Numbercredits_numbernumber
Adjusted Taxadjusted_taxnumber
No Taxno_taxnumber
Earned Income Credit - Numberearned_income_credit_numbernumber
Adjusted Gross Incomeadjusted_gross_incomenumber
Vermont Adjusted Gross Income1vermont_adjusted_gross_income1number
Vermont Taxvermont_taxnumber
Adjusted Vermont Taxadjusted_vermont_taxnumber
Credits - Amountcredits_amountnumber
Net Vermont Taxnet_vermont_taxnumber
Earned Income Credit - Amountearned_income_credit_amountnumber