Vermont Health Data Inventory (VHCIP Project) | Last Updated 31 Dec 2015

This health data inventory is the result of work conducted for the Vermont Health Care Innovation Project. While the goal of a Vermont Health Data Inventory is a unified data source for health care data, this project is just the first step in moving toward that goal. A unified data source would provide a gateway or portal to the diverse health data in Vermont. This includes many kinds of health related data: the all-payer claims dataset;health expenditures; clinical datasets; survey data; vital records; and epidemiologic data. It is the intent that this initial inventory project will inform this goal.

Tags: health, data, inventory, vhcip

This dataset has the following 43 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Dataset namedataset_nametext
Data system namedata_system_nametext
Organization Collecting or Managingorganization_collecting_or_managingtext
Contact Namecontact_nametext
Contact emailcontact_emailtext
Contact phonecontact_phonetext
Source Datasetsource_datasettext
Type of Datatype_of_datatext
Data collection methoddata_collection_methodtext
Years collectedyears_collectedtext
Data Storage formatdata_storage_formattext
Data Storage Locationdata_storage_locationtext
Database Sizedatabase_sizetext
Is the dataset available to the public?is_the_dataset_available_to_the_publictext
Data user / Audiencedata_user_audiencetext
Data output formatdata_output_formattext
Use Restriction Detailsuse_restriction_detailstext
Type of Use Restrictiontype_of_use_restrictiontext
Special Request Possiblespecial_request_possibletext
Special Request Costspecial_request_costnumber
Special Request Contact Infospecial_request_contact_infotext
Data Documentationdata_documentationtext
Metadata Formatmetadata_formattext
Acquisition costacquisition_costnumber
Operations and Management Costoperations_and_management_costnumber
Funding -%Federalfunding_federalnumber
Funding: %Statefunding_statenumber
Funding: %Privatefunding_privatenumber
Funding: %Foundationfunding_foundationnumber
VHCIP Priorityvhcip_prioritytext
Is Data Related to Payment Reformis_data_related_to_payment_reformtext
Last Updated Bylast_updated_bytext
VT HIT Inv: Integrated systemsvt_hit_inv_integrated_systemstext
VT HIT Inv: Integrated data feedsvt_hit_inv_integrated_data_feedstext
VT HIT Inv: Divisions servedvt_hit_inv_divisions_servedtext
VT HIT Inv: Where is data storedvt_hit_inv_where_is_data_storedtext