Urban and Rural Census Designations (2010) by Locality

data.virginia.gov | Last Updated 31 Dec 2020

This table uses U.S. Census data to create a dataset that identifies all Virginia localities as either Mostly Urban, Mostly Rural or Completely Rural. Total population and breakdown between urban and rural populations are included. For information on the U.S. Census Bureau's use of these designations see https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/geography/guidance/geo-areas/urban-rural.html. (Source data for this dataset is found at this link and is titled "County Classification Lookup Table [XLS]".)

Tags: virginia localities, census, population, equity dashboard

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
2015 GEOID_2015_geoidtext2015 GEOID
LocalitylocalitytextVirginia Locality
2010 Census total population_2010_census_total_populationnumber2010 Census total population
2010 Census Urban Population_2010_census_urban_populationnumber2010 Census Urban Population
2010 Censu Rural Population_2010_censu_rural_populationnumber2010 Census Rural Population
2010 Census percent rural_2010_census_percent_ruralnumber2010 Census percent rural
StatusstatustextUrban/Rural Status