WAOFM - Legislative Districts - Table 1: Census 2010 Population and Housing

data.wa.gov | Last Updated 1 Sep 2021

Census 2010 population and housing for legislative districts based on Washington State Redistricting Commission plan L-JOINTSUB_3-2 as amended by Engrossed House Concurrent Resolution 4409.

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This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Legislative Districtlegislative_districttext
Total Population 2010total_population_2010number
Population Density (Persons / Square Mile) 2010population_density_persons_square_mile_2010number
Total Housing Units 2010total_housing_units_2010number
Occupied Housing Units 2010occupied_housing_units_2010number
Vacant Housing Units 2010vacant_housing_units_2010number
Occupancy Rate (%) 2010occupancy_rate_2010number
Vacancy Rate (%) 2010vacancy_rate_2010number
Land Area (Square Miles) 2010land_area_square_miles_2010number
Total Area (Square Miles) 2010total_area_square_miles_2010number
Water Area (%) 2010water_area_2010number