Washington Driver License In State Migration

data.wa.gov | Last Updated 3 Jan 2019

The number of drivers from other states and countries who were issued new Washington driver licenses and the county they moved to.

Tags: license, migration, population

This dataset has the following 43 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Month/Yearmonth_yearcalendar_dateMonth and Year data was extracted and aggregated
FROM / TOfrom_totextLocation moved from
TOTALtotalnumberTotal for the State
ADAMSadamsnumberCounty moved to
ASOTINasotinnumberCounty moved to
BENTONbentonnumberCounty moved to
CHELANchelannumberCounty moved to
CLALLAMclallamnumberCounty moved to
CLARKclarknumberCounty moved to
COLUMBIAcolumbianumberCounty moved to
COWLITZcowlitznumberCounty moved to
DOUGLASdouglasnumberCounty moved to
FERRYferrynumberCounty moved to
FRANKLINfranklinnumberCounty moved to
GARFIELDgarfieldnumberCounty moved to
GRANTgrantnumberCounty moved to
GRAYS HARBORgrays_harbornumberCounty moved to
ISLANDislandnumberCounty moved to
JEFFERSONjeffersonnumberCounty moved to
KINGkingnumberCounty moved to
KITSAPkitsapnumberCounty moved to
KITTITASkittitasnumberCounty moved to
KLCKITATklckitatnumberCounty moved to
LEWISlewisnumberCounty moved to
LINCOLNlincolnnumberCounty moved to
MASONmasonnumberCounty moved to
OKANAGONokanagonnumberCounty moved to
PACIFICpacificnumberCounty moved to
PEND OREILLEpend_oreillenumberCounty moved to
PIERCEpiercenumberCounty moved to
SAN JUANsan_juannumberCounty moved to
SKAGITskagitnumberCounty moved to
SKAMANIAskamanianumberCounty moved to
SNOHOMISHsnohomishnumberCounty moved to
SPOKANEspokanenumberCounty moved to
STEVENSstevensnumberCounty moved to
THURSTONthurstonnumberCounty moved to
WAHKIAKUMwahkiakumnumberCounty moved to
WALLA WALLAwalla_wallanumberCounty moved to
WHATCOMwhatcomnumberCounty moved to
WHITMANwhitmannumberCounty moved to
YAKIMAyakimanumberCounty moved to
UNKNOWNunknownnumberCounty unknown