2016 Residential Sewer Rate Survey

data.wa.gov | Last Updated 27 Nov 2017

The survey includes monthly sewer rates per “equivalent residential unit” (ERU)* served by municipal wastewater treatment plants in Washington State. Information was compiled from August 2016-January 2017 using information from utility billing web pages and phone surveys. Stormwater rates were also included as available.

Tags: sewer rates, stormwater rates, wastewater, ecology

This dataset has the following 31 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Community Served (billing entity)community_served_billing_entitytext
Treatment Facility (Discharge Permit)treatment_facility_discharge_permittext
Median Household Income (Est. 2014)median_household_income_est_2014number
Population 2015population_2015number
Population Rangepopulation_rangetext
Permit Typepermit_typetext
Base Rate/mobase_rate_monumber
Cf included in basecf_included_in_basetext
Rate per 100cfrate_per_100cfnumber
Rate 1000cfrate_1000cfnumber
Low Income Rate 1000cflow_income_rate_1000cfnumber
Outside city rateoutside_city_ratetext
Rate per 100cf (outside)rate_per_100cf_outsidetext
Low/Fixed income/Senior Discountlow_fixed_income_senior_discounttext
Discount (% off)discount_offnumber
Discount ratediscount_ratenumber
SW Feesw_feetext
User Classesuser_classestext
Year Rates Updatedyear_rates_updatedtext
2017 Base Rate/mo_2017_base_rate_monumber
2017 outside_2017_outsidetext
2017 Low income rate_2017_low_income_ratetext
2018 Base Rate/mo_2018_base_rate_motext
2018 Low income rate_2018_low_income_ratenumber
2019 Base Rate/mo_2019_base_rate_motext
2019 Low income rate_2019_low_income_ratenumber
2006 Rate 1000cf_2006_rate_1000cfnumber