Traffic Signal Inventory - Heads (Displays) Detail | Last Updated 1 Mar 2019

Detailed information about traffic signal pedestrian and vehicular heads and the display indications, such as “Walk/Don’t Walk”, “Pedestrian Countdowns”, “Red Ball, Amber Ball, Green Ball, Turn Indications”, etc. Includes direction accommodated by the vehicular or pedestrian display. Signal Location Number is based on general point location data from the Traffic Signals Inventory – Locations. Point data in dataset maps to the specific pole location that supports these components. This data may change periodically. Parent Component ID maps to Traffic Signal Inventory – Poles and Arms Detail dataset.

Tags: tmc, devfiendly, traffic, asset

This dataset has the following 18 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Inventory Item IDinventory_item_idnumber
Component IDcomponent_idnumber
Parent Component IDparent_component_idnumber
Inventory Component IDinventory_component_idnumber
Component Sub Codecomponent_sub_codetext
Component Type Namecomponent_type_nametext
Section Countsection_countnumber
Section Combosection_combotext
Accommodating Directionaccommodating_directiontext
Alignment Typealignment_typetext
Mount Typemount_typetext
Material Typematerial_typetext
Head Colourhead_colourtext
Reflective Tapereflective_tapecheckbox
Signals Location Numbersignals_location_numbernumber