CARES Act Equity Distribution Model Inputs | Last Updated 26 Feb 2021

This dataset provides inputs to the R model to equitably distribute CARES Act funding to underlying municipalities. Data is as of June 2020. For more information see:

Tags: equity, caresact, 2021, model

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Geographic IDgeoidtextPlace GEOID identifier, as assigned by the US Census Bureau
NamemunitextMunicipality Name
In Cook Countyin_cooknumberBinary indicator of whether municipality is taxed by Cook County (1) or not (0)
PopulationpopnumberINPUT: 2019 population estimate from Census Population Estimates Program (2019 vintage)
Median Household Incomemed_hh_incnumberINPUT: Median household income in 2018 dollars, from 2014-2018 5-year ACS (reported in CMAP Community Data Snapshots)
Retail Salesret_salesnumberINPUT: 2019 total retail sales from IL Dept. of Revenue (reported in CMAP Community Data Snapshots)
Total Equalized Assessed Valuetot_eavnumberINPUT: 2018 total equalized assessed value from IL Dept. of Revenue (reported in CMAP Community Data Snapshots)
Percent EDApct_eda_popnumberINPUT: Percent of population living in an EDA or disinvested area, calculated from CMAP's 2015 parcel-level population estimates and CMAP's EDA/disinvested layer
COVID Deathscovid_deathsnumberINPUT: Total COVID-19 deaths by place of residence as of 6/21/2020, per Cook County Medical Examiner
Tax Basetax_basenumberDERIVED: Total tax base (i.e. RET_SALES + TOT_EAV)
Tax Base Per Capitatax_base_per_capnumberDERIVED: Tax base per capita (i.e. TAX_BASE / POP)
Log of Tax Base Per Capitaln_tax_base_per_capnumberDERIVED: Natural log of tax base per capita (i.e. LN(TAX_BASE_PER_CAP))
Log of Populationln_popnumberDERIVED: Natural log of population (i.e. LN(POP))
Log of Median Household Incomeln_med_hh_incnumberDERIVED: Natural log of median household income (i.e. LN(MED_HH_INC))
COVID Death Ratecovid_death_ratenumberDERIVED: COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 population (i.e. COVID_DEATHS / POP * 100000)
Log of COVID Death Rateln_covid_death_ratenumberDERIVED: Natural log of COVID-19 death rate (i.e. LN(COVID_DEATH_RATE+1), where the +1 ensures that a death rate of 0 yields 0 instead of a number error)