Cook County Check Register | Last Updated 2 May 2017

This check register provides a cumulative record of payments to County suppliers, vendors and other payees as approved by the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Data covers December 2009 through November 2016. [NOTE: We are in the process of restructuring this dataset with implementation of a new financial system. Updates will resume once the new structure has been established.]

Tags: check register, check registry, payments

This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
CHECK NUMBERcheck_numbernumber
CHECK DATEcheck_datecalendar_date
PAYEE NUMBERpayee_numbernumber
PAYEE VENDOR NAMEpayee_vendor_nametext
PAYMENT AMOUNTpayment_amountnumber
SERVICE TYPE IDservice_type_idnumber
SERVICE TYPE DESCservice_type_desctext
PURCHASE ORDERpurchase_ordernumber
DEPARTMENT NBRdepartment_nbrnumber
DEPARTMENT NAMEdepartment_nametext
BUSINESS UNIT CODEbusiness_unit_codenumber
BUSINESS UNIT NAMEbusiness_unit_nametext
VENDOR NAMEvendor_nametext
VENDOR ADDRESS_1vendor_address_1text
VENDOR ADDRESS_2vendor_address_2text
STATE IDstate_idtext
ZIP CODEzip_codetext